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    New 1 of 1 ACR ordered

    you will never change Free2go :nono:
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    New Forum Member looking for Gen II GTS

    congrats, best thread I've read on the vca in years. all positive and helpful
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    Dealer Recommendations

    call Bill P at woodhouse
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    Aftermarket exhaust making the 02 viper louder!

    john let him know what you thought of mine with the borla, its in the how to section and in my gallery with pics when i did mine
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    Aftermarket exhaust making the 02 viper louder!

    go visit how to and find my post on doing mine
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    told ya and it will get worse

    Trade in value on a 13 GTS which was originally over 130k is not 70k now. Now the wholesale number is 60k. So I misspoke. The depreciation is actually greater than half. But run to order for fear of a price increase. Thats just comical.
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    thank you paul

    Thank you Broom.
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    thank you paul

    received my new 2013 black viper today. i am now a proud owner of a gen V. :D
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    In the Spirit of Christmas

    dibs. check your pm
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    Gen v as predicted , price drops!!!!!!!!

    I have access to an SRT 2014 Viper, nav and sidewinder wheels, 8100 miles. MFG buyback and now has a new engine. SoCar car out of Hemet. $60K if anyone is interested. engine go boom so it's now got a new one. I got not dog in the fight just passing on info. Contact me if interested.
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    Nostradamus is at it again.

    Nostradamus is at it again. ( thank you for the compliment Free ) Go visIt the other viper site and read the ENTIRE THREAD. Free I didn't see you post on my thread at that site, OPPPPPPS thats right you have a lifetime ban there.
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    2016 ACR Modification Suggestions

    Don't let free bother you, this really is a good site for info. FYI, Free has been banned from ALL OTHER VIPER SITES. There are good people here that will give you great advice for the questions you ask. PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND and there is a option to hit a ignore button for deleting Free.
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    Value on 2013 GTS

    winter is on its way, best time to buy a sports car. IMHO you will be able to easily purchase a low mile used 2013/2014 viper under $59,900. :dunno: but think so.
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    Anyone ordering a regular ACR?

    still trolling me free :nono:, get a life and move on. your past speaks volumes. its clear to see why you were banned from ALL the other viper forums.
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    Viper is home

    still trolling me free. you might seem funny to a very few here, not me. you have been banned from the other two most popular viper forums. I need not even wonder why you were banned. each and every comment you post shows why. so free stop trolling me and get a life . its a forum for opinions...
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    Viper is home

    you say OMG, lol. every car i have purchased never has this happen to me. why? because i did my due diligence , knew what to look for , knew a fair price and ALWAYS TALKED TO WHO WAS IN CHARGE OF THE DEALERSHIP, DAH! Basic :nono:
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    Viper is home

    that's the best you have free , lmarotf :rolaugh:
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    Viper is home

    expand on that free, im so interested in my children's game
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    Viper is home

    who did you kill ? Lmao
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    Viper is home

    ok, can you afford it, are you really serious? if so send me a PM .:D I would give a lot to find out what you paid for your car Free. LMAO
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    Viper is home

    Hazel stop trolling me . :nono:
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    Viper is home

    Basically, he didn't do his homework on purchasing this viper. Then makes this post for all to feel sorry for him. I'm calling him out on this one. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU NOT TALK TO THE GM OF THE DEALERSHIP BUYING A CAR UNSEEN ??????? Hey, have at me but the OP has not a clue how to...
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    Viper is home

    Yes it is. 100 % his fault
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    Viper is home

    The more I read this, I didn't notice you named the salesman by name. Dude this kid has a nice case to sue you for defamation. You went and posted his name on social media, REALLY?????? I'm going to make a call to let this kid know and be aware what your doing. Your decisions are so apparent to...