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    OHLINS DFV vs KWs V3, my track experience.

    BBG in Sacramento has Ohlins for your car. Saw detailed photos of them he posted. Ohlins are probably king of the hill as a majority of real race cars and race bikes use them.
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    Bingo, I'm glad the question was answered too. Making up arguments as to why not answering a basic question makes everything look fishy. Hopefully more movement in the right direction will follow.
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    Road Courses in Souther Cali

    If you're looking for a more rural setting, you can definitely save money buying a place outside the major metro areas. My personal opinion is NorCal has the best tracks (Laguna Seca, Sonoma, Thunderhill and Buttonwillow). NorCal probably has better fishing (salt and freshwater), hunting, etc...
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    Attention all paying vendors and sponsors of this site...

    If Hennessey posted up a new video of a Viper project, would it be allowed to stay up? Lets face it, the issue is not what was posted up, but who posted and the "Hennessey" like issues associated with it. On another note, I'm not sure what VCA sponsors are going to get pissed because I...
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    Gen 4 front tow bar warning

    Hmmm, I'm a little disappointed at how frail that front tube might be. I'll get under my car tomorrow and take a look at other options. At this point, a if somebody backs into my car with the tow rings installed, it could cause a lot of damage as opposed to not having them on for the street...
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    Gen 4 front tow bar warning

    Isn't that the one that Shifty has on his vehicle that bent the tubing? I run two of the IPSCO's and always bridle them together when pulling the Viper in and out of the trailer. The two units allow me a center pull so the car self steers itself towards the winch. I've never even thought about...
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    Toe-in adjustment for Nürburgring

    I remember seeing a post about a Swedish ACR owner that ran the Ring in something like 7:25......I believe his cars suspension was set up by Bad Boyzz Garage. You may want to contact Toddy about the alignment settings. Enjoy the Ring and please post videos!!
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    Is this normal?

    If you're talking about the checkerboard pattern, this is normal. I believe it has to do with the tinting/polarization of the window glass.
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    gen V RPM at 70 MPH?

    Jack, Are you sure about the 2010's second gear ratio as listed in the chart? I was not aware of a change.....thought it was the same as the 2008 to 2009 Gen 4.
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    What is Dodge's warranty stance when something breaks on the track?

    That is rare, I have a friend who went to arbitration with GM because his nearly brand new 2006 exploded on the straight away at Thunderhill and he lost because he was "on" a race track. It really is a case by case basis, but if you jump onto the Corvette forum you'll see a huge thread where a...
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    first car wash, etc

    Nicely done vid, love the out takes!! Here is another idea where you presoak 20 to 50 towels and leave them in a bucket with a cover until needed. You only use the towel once, then discard for cleaning. It avoids having to rinse, etc. I'm sure the Turtle Wax solution will work as will many...
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    Another incredible Bruce video

    Bruce, If you're replacing your tires with the same Corsa' you think there is any value in shaving them down a little? When I got into track stuff 20 years ago, most "track" tires that were sticky needed to be shaved down to reduce squirm, heat and chunking. Very few DOT tires of that...
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    2014 C&D VIR Lightning Lap Results...Viper TA delivers!

    I respectfully disagree with the notion that this is a production vehicle. If I'm understanding how you buy a N-Attack, you first need to buy a GTR Nismo and then order all of the above parts from the Nissan performance catalog to install on the Nismo. To me, this is not a production...
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    2014 C&D VIR Lightning Lap Results...Viper TA delivers!

    It is my understanding that the 7:08 GT-R run was a pre-production vehicle that may have had it's computer tweaked even higher than what a production version would have for sale in the USA. Add on the other tweaks listed above (Gurney flap on the back edge of the hood? that will ever be...
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    2014 C&D VIR Lightning Lap Results...Viper TA delivers!

    That's assuming the Nismo doesn't come back next year with stickier tires, less weight, more HP and bigger aero......:eater: The TA needs stickier tires has the chassis and power to handle it. I'd bet the 2014 TA would be at least 1 second per lap faster with Trofeos.
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    Information from Chrysler on 2015 Viper

    The one challenge the Viper might have in beating the new competition (Vette, Porsche, whoever, etc) is the tires. If Viper stays on the Corsa's, I wonder how much their tread depth hinders an ultimate fast lap compared to a Trofeo or Sport Cup that has less molded tread depth. I might be wrong...
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    A philisophical question, regarding tires.

    Neither..... Overly used up or heat cycled Sport Cups are dangerous....especially if it is cool that day. Buy a set of new tires and go enjoy yourself.
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    5 point harness for 2008 ACR

    And more importantly if you go harness get a HANS type device. Once strapped in, your body now has no give so your neck takes the damage in a severe accident. Your stock 3 point harness lets your body move around a lot to dissipate the energy.....the harness very little so you neck becomes the...
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    Issues after the battery dying

    I can't comment on a lot of your issues, but will give you this battery advice since we specialize in the 12/24 world of dc current and flattened batteries are always an issue. If the battery went below 10.5 volts, it damages the battery. Do it a couple of times and the battery will never...
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    Gen. 5 Raffle in White Plains NY

    Wow, kind of sad they can't even give away a Gen 5 Viper. Probably just bad marketing.
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    Charger Hellcat too

    Wow, a "rub and tug" with every membership?.....maybe that explains why their membership meter spins up so fast :smirk:
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    Gen. 5 Raffle in White Plains NY

    More like $40k plus....and that is if they don't use the MSRP sticker price. If you worked for me and I paid you a bonus of $100k, how much of that would you have to pay in income taxes? Simple way to look at it.
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    Gen. 5 Raffle in White Plains NY

    The ad claims car that the same LE car that was won at the VOA event?
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    Since a Stock 2015 Hellcat w/ DR's Just ran 10.85 @126 ph in the 1/4 Mile...

    And this is why engineers don't make the best marketing people and vice a versa. Marketing and perception is what sells cars, not what they or the drivers are truly capable of.
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    Oil Weight?

    Think about the temps your talking about in Arizona...117 to maybe 125 degree at the most? Your engine is running at minimum at 190 degrees. The engine coolant, block and oil will always be hotter than the hottest day in Arizona. The oils heavier weight number is not going to matter for a...