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    T/A: The RIGHT car at the RIGHT time

    The 13 track pack cars have the Stoptech rotors, something that for 14 you cannot get. And all 14s have more sound deadening. And maybe thicker seat cushions? But that's where the difference between 13 and 14 come from.
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    Told ya...

    As much as I'd like to make a real reply to the OP I sit here thinking no matter what I say this place will be filled with haters. Nothing will change that. So instead I think the only thing us actual Gen 5 owners can do is ignore them so they go away. Which is easy now that we have a better...
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    Cant wait for MOPARs CF goodies? Seibon to the rescue

    I'm referring to a copy of the rear spoiler/lip in the Aero kit offered by Mopar.
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    Just picked up a Viper (pics included)

    A word of caution on the CCWs. They look great, but being polished aluminum they are also the hardest rims to keep clean that I've ever owned. On a fair weather car like a Viper that's easier to handle than how I put them on my DD.
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    I mean WTF...

    Source? $4k is already too much, $12k is completely insane.
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    Side by Side Photos - Gen 5 & C7

    Not to pile on, Tony have the dealer fix your nose. My hood aligns perfectly with the nose and my hood has been off once for some unrelated work and they got it back on perfect so I know they can get it right. Here the center of the nose looks like it needs shimmed up and with all the screws up...
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    2013 SRT Viper by Vivid Racing Previewed Ahead of SEMA

    I question the sanity of anyone who thought that hood would look good on our cars. Exposed elements of CF could look good (think stripes here) but as a whole left exposed it looks very unfinished.
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    Gen 5 Carbon Fiber Accesories Status

    Very interested in seeing full pics. Will you produce a CF rear lip similar to the aero package or just the wing like in your teaser pic? And is the rear appliqué in the pic also CF of your making or a stock painted black piece? I can't tell on my phone.
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    Game changers

    I heard the C7 Z0MG will run on E85, be AWD, weight less than 3000 lbs, and do 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. At least that's what my Kia dealer told me.
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    Gen 5 Carbon Fiber Accesories Status

    Tony I'm with you on waiting for a nice aftermarket Aero rear lip. I can't justify the price of the Mopar piece but like the look/functionality of it. It's not like I have to match it to any other visible exterior carbon fiber and I'm sure who ever makes one will make it look 99% like the...
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    thinking of selling 2010 acr

    Well said! I keep mine clean but drive it as much as possible. I almost hit 5k miles this summer on it in the 5 months I've owned it. Weather is taking a turn for the worse and I wouldn't be surprised if my 100 mile cruise yesterday was its last for the season. I fully plan to put at least 5k...
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    2014 Moving Down The Line

    On cars where the stripes are a contrasting color with the body straight looks just a little off somehow, like they don't flow with the rest of the lines of the car. But this, this is great! And it gives me inspiration that white stripes could look good on my car.
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    2014 Moving Down The Line

    I really like the tapered stripes!
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    Marilyn travels in style

    Does your Corsa have a high pitched noise the higher the rpms climb? The two videos I've seen on YouTube I'm hearing a noise.
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    Jalopnik... Why Is No One Buying The SRT Viper?

    I took mine to an autocross this weekend and left traction control on. Being my first autocross in 10 years it was nice peace of mind knowing I could push beyond the limits of myself and the car knowing nothing could really go wrong.
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    Viper production slowed by one third due to sluggish sales

    At our Illinois club meeting last night I drove from central IL up to Chicago with the two owners of my dealership, each in their Vipers, and a friend in his 06. There my dealer let multiple people sit in his '13 and let at least one of them who was serious about buying take it for a test drive...
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    Excessive Oil Consumption?

    Our cars are not equipped with a low oil light of any kind. Do not rely on a check engine light to warn you. I did read that there is a low oil pressure light, but all that might tell you is that it's already too late, if it comes on at all. Again, get it documented at your dealer so if it...
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    Excessive Oil Consumption?

    If/when it happens again take it to your dealer to get it documented.
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    OK. One of U out there must be working on boost. Give it up.

    IMO a 750 hp package isn't going to be enough for what this will cost. That's only 110 over stock (a 17% increase) and a supercharger should be able to add more safely than that. A 800 hp package (25% increase) would make me take notice. If Mustang GT owners can see a 50% increase with their...
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    OK. One of U out there must be working on boost. Give it up.

    What EPA requirements would Mopar have to meet when creating a dealer installed package like this? Normal tuners laugh at the EPA but being a manufacturer are they held to a different standard? Or is that the point of it being dealer installed, as sort of a work around?
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    Gen V update - 6,000 mile mark

    Tony - One comment about your clutch noise. Mine is completely silent, so if you're getting noise I wonder if there's something going on. How does everyone elses clutch sound?
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    Gen V update - 6,000 mile mark

    Is there a chance that the UConnect SRT Performance App needs a solid 3G signal to work correctly? When I visit family in the country where I have terrible cell service I get the -- reading on all the gauges and it locks up. Everywhere else it seems to work fine, just like my phone.
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    paint issues--please help

    Kris you have more patience than me. I had a major warranty claim with my car but my dealer handled it perfectly and the car was only down for 9 days. I won't go into the details because of how well my dealer handled it and it would just feed the trolls here. But if I didn't have full faith...
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    Anyone else find this super annoying?

    If you're trying to shift below 2k rpm you're shifting too low, just increase your 'going easy on it' threshold for each gear to 2500 rpm and you'll be good.