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    My first car

    Great first color choice too!!!
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    Advice on a Gen II GTS

    :eater: Here we go again. :eater:
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    Same ole rumor

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    Sad day. Sold my Viper

    Congrats and welcome to the Viperless Club. Sounds like you got your replacement faster than I Good luck and enjoy!
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    Where did you buy your Viper?

    1st one: Local Craigslist 2nd one: fleaBay, 2500 miles away 3rd one: TBD
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    Supercar Run III

    Great vid, Dale...thanks. The only missing metric is: how many speeding tickets were given out? I think there were 3 at the last Supercar!
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    Dealer just confirmed 20k markup

    Sell first and buy later. That's my plan and the first part is done. :2tu:
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    It looks better wet

    Got some new screensavers now...thanks! :2tu:
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    Anyone else have a hard time finding time to drive your car???

    Wow...ditto again about those Lambos. Yellow, of course! :smirk:
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    Vipers and Girls...

    C'mon...we all know that's why you got it. :smirk:
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    Selling More Goodies: Forgeline Wheels w/BFG KDW2's

    Just in case anyone's looking for a great package deal on gorgeous Forgeline wheels and practically new BFG KDW2 tires, check out this ad: Pics still in process of being approved as of 9/15...
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    For Sale: Lemke 3-Piece Top in Excellent Condition (for Gen 2)

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Gerry. Yes, it was hard letting the Gen 2 go, but the only realistic way to attain the dream of a Gen 5 (in yellow, of course)! We shall see! - Z
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    For Sale: Lemke 3-Piece Top in Excellent Condition (for Gen 2)

    Pics are approved and price is negotiable. Thanks.
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    For Sale: Lemke 3-Piece Top in Excellent Condition (for Gen 2)

    Just placed the ad and pics are being approved: Please PM if interested!
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    Out of a Viper for a little while

    Like everyone else said - the important thing is that you are OK! Sometimes people don't turn out OK. Cars can be replaced. Good luck with everything and hang in there. :2tu:
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    Mecum Auction Dallas

    Way too low, in typical Mecum fashion.
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    Forza 4: GTS-R screenshots

    A fine observation. :smirk: And that black one looks awesome too...
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    Working on a headlight project

    Nah. Had 'em for almost 2 years, in Arizona, in 115 degree weather. Nada.
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    Working on a headlight project

    Hey John, I am really interested in the results of this project, and am actually ready for a different look besides the "blacked out" look from the Lamin-X film. Keep us posted! :2tu:
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    Salvage title vipers?

    This....and insuring it is sometimes an issue too.