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    Monroney label found vin 5V501116

    Send me an email if you are or know the owner. Thank you,Chris [email protected]
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    The "mileage question"

    I bought my 2001 last May with 8500 mi. Drove it home to Atlanta from Indy after a nice test drive. Now has over 12K with no issues and "0" mods. Changed the oil and coolant so far and will do the trans, rear end and brake fluid soon. The only issue so far is dry rotted boots on all of the...
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    First time Viper owner, 94 RT/10

    Chuck is the real deal. Tell him one of his old Service DM's says HELLO and thanks for keeping the snakes on the road. Chris Charleston
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    Front suspension

    All bushed components need to be tightened to torque at "ride height". If not you will have "load" in the bushings.
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    First Time Gen II GTS Buyer - Need Advice

    Found a 2001 RT/10 last year with "0" mods and less than 9k miles. In my opinion the holy grail, good luck in your quest. There are still many out there.