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    Delaers win buyer seller lose

    I have a Red 2002 GTS FE Coupe I want to sell. #181... 13,500 miles on it.
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    2002 GTS Radiator... Discontinued?

    Well Phoey.. after lasts weeks track adventure now my Radiator is starting to leak. It's not bad, but has dripped out about half a cup in the last week. I called Dodge... Discontinued, Called local Shops, Not even produced, Jegs says their Fluidyne replacement is a month out... (at least)...
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    Power steering pump pulley failure...

    It lined up perfect and I used the correct puller to get it off. It only whines under load, that deep growling's not bad, but I can hear it.
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    Power steering pump pulley failure...

    I got it from IPSCO, pulley and bracket. He stated that he made them for partsrack, he was closer and cheaper, got it in and now my pump whines....
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    Power steering pump pulley failure...

    Free2go, I think mine was starting to slip last time I drove the car. I noticed the steering felt heavy, I checked the fluid and it was brownish and looked like it needed to be changed. I flushed it out and then put new fluid in and it seemed to work better.... fooled me.
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    Power steering pump pulley failure...

    Dang.. I searched the interweb and found only plastic replacements..Thanks for y'alls help.
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    Power steering pump pulley failure...

    wth.. plastic chit. Took my 02 FE to it's first ever autocross and didn't make a lap. Freakin power steering went out, shut it off quick before the temp pegged. Thought I just tossed the belt, which I did. but the pulley spins on the pump shaft and wobbles like heck. So i guess I need a...
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    Keys locked in car and its running - help!

    SO how did you get in. My doors have never locked... but just in case
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    Dodge Viper driver loses control in deadly crash

    RIP. Joel, Don't make enough events to remember him but it's always sad to see a fellow Viper owner pass away. Our prayers go out to his family and to the passenger.
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    Nitto NT05 335 on Gen III/IV rear

    So what size do you run on the front? ....Well I take that back. I found a 275/35-18 on another search.
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    ASD Fuse Blown at Laguna Today

    Don't know what year your car is, but I also found this.
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    ASD Fuse Blown at Laguna Today

    ASD usually stands for automatic shut down, It's what shuts down the fuel pump in an emergency situation, accident etc. I am not aware though that there is a fuse just for that. Basic electric, if your blowing fuses you either got a short or a device drawing to much current. (which is usually...
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    Engine Bay pictures.. Post up.

    Nice.. Is that a bolt on swap putting a gen3 intake on a gen2?
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    MSR October 24th

    That was the best day I have had in a looong time. Thanks to the guys of the Houston Viper Club who arranged this for us and thanks also to the staff at MSR.
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    MSR October 24th

    I might meet up with Y'all. I'll be coming down Hwy6 to 288. Could turn left instead of right at 288.
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    License Plate Suggestions

    How About PD2MUCH
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    I don't get it.

    :eater: Dang all this over a Emblem Question?
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    Houston Tx. Vendors

    Man, that's a name from the past. Didn't think you did tuning either but remembered you knew how to do a good three angle valve job. :)
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    Your thoughts.... Buying a 06 or 09 viper

    I'm in luv with this car but just cant swing it. 2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Coupe - Green 08 74,900 in Houston
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    Paxton with nitrous ?

    Plum, What's the two thingamabobs on each of the intake tubes? Passenger side has an AN line running to it with what looks like an AN line going to the other side.
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    New Viper owner? Time to join the VCA!

    OKay so If I joined through the Viper Magazine website and used Paypal.... How do you know who I am? It never did ask for my name.....
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    Trans help...please

    Can't honestly say without looking at it but it sound like a syncro issue.
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    What does your forum name mean?

    Heck if I know......:dunno: Actually mine is a shortened version of what i started with on the internet years ago. It was TrannyMan, which being car minded and owning transmission shops, tranny was always short for transmission. Pretty simple right? Nope, I got a PM one day from some...
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    Dealers can dream too!

    Don't forget the coupon!
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    What is a 2000 DODGE VIPER GTS, SNAKE 530 EDITION, RED ?

    Kinda funny how the ad says 530HP but right on the side of the car it says 508HP. It's in the Snake Head Emblem as part of the neck.