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    2006 Viper with a lifter tick

    Bubba, i had this "noise" on my 2005 Viper as well same way like you. Nothing at start and then after warming up the engine started ticking. No joy to listen to. My Viper had around 2000 mls when i heard it the first time. There was nothing technically wrong with the motor (other than the design...
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    jmyke, i do have a set of (brandnew in box) from my Viper time if you are interested, I can send you pics and tech data
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    Viper Shipping Soon - Modern Rims Needed Quickly Maybe?

    Hey Wicked, I got a set of wheels (rims) in my garage brand new 22". I fyou are interested let me know and I will send some pics. Thx JC
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    Affordable gen 3 wheel options for track day

    Hi Keith I have a set of 4 brand new ETABETA Tettsut rims (22 x 10") if you are interested. They won't require any brake modifications.
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    18" and 19" from srt10 on rt10?

    Tony, if you want 20" brandnew let me know. Never got a chance to put them on my Viper. JC
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    Mike, I have a set of struts from my 2005 Viper for $1,000 all four with approx 6,000 miles on them and some other spare parts from my active VIPER episode. JC
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    Spare Part Collection for Sale

    Hi Members, I have been collecting to many spare parts over the years. Some I would like to sell: ETA BETA Italian Rims 22x10 brand new, set of 4 was $ 3990 Gauge Cluster used excellent cond. Coilovers front used excellent cond. less than 10.000 mls of use Coilovers rear used excellent...