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  1. LDIXON3191

    Windshield 93 Viper

    Does anyone have or know anyone who has windshield for a 93 Viper?
  2. LDIXON3191

    Wanting to buy 94 or 93 original with AC

    I have a 93 for sale. All oringinal.
  3. LDIXON3191

    To sell or not too sell ?

    I'm selling a 93 Viper for $40000
  4. LDIXON3191

    93 Viper RT 10 Radio issues

    We can't get the radio to work. It's a back ******* antenna. The two amplifiers are in the truck. The FOB doesn't work. We can't find anyone to fix these issues.
  5. LDIXON3191

    Anyone know stock speaker impedance?

    I have a 93 Viper and the radio doesn't work. It's a rear antenna. It works sometimes and others not so much.
  6. LDIXON3191

    93 Viper RT 10 Radio issues

    So this is a rear antenna Viper. There is a signal panel under the dash on the passengers side? I just had a Viper Tech tell me to remove the drivers side door and dash under the driver's side and ground the green hanging wire.
  7. LDIXON3191

    93 Viper RT 10 Radio issues

    Will attempting to install "door poppers" complicate the radio issue/s, as I'm being told the poppers are tethered through radio wires that run from the dash, through the door panels to the amplifiers in the trunk.
  8. LDIXON3191

    93 Viper RT 10 Radio issues

    We are having issues trying to figure out why the radio works sometimes, but than looses connection. We've taken it to multiple Stereo/Radio and electrical business. Not one person can figure this out. It is a rear antenna. Any ideas what we could be missing?