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    Fitted Cover for Gen 2 GTS Wanted

    Ky, I need a GTS cover Thanks!
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    Fitted Cover for Gen 2 GTS Wanted

    Hello Viper Nation! My mopar cover that I have had since the car was new is not is good shape after some mice made a home in it when it was not in use on the car. Many of the Gen 2 owners had these gray covers with the red Viper logo and I am looking for one as they do not appear to still be...
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    question of viper value 1996

    Frank, That was an interesting car, thanks for posting. Kinda hard to imagine not enjoying the car more-I wouldn't trade any additional value for the fun that I have enjoyed with my '99 ACR. (PS -Still have your old 3.33 rear end in it as well as the stock one stored) Jim
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    R.I.P. Gary Lashinsky

    I’m saddened to hear this news. Just recently thinking about him and the white stallions shows that he ran when off the Viper Days circuit.
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    Transport to VOI San Antonoi

    Anybody from the area planning to drive? Im leaving early to hit COTA, so i was wondering about others that may be more likely to join thr return trip.
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    VOI 13 COTA - Track plans

    I wanted the VOI cruise experience, have heard great things about the Fredericksburg area, so I am " signed up" for Sunday as that fit into my VOI plans better. Suspect that more info about this and clarifying the sign up process which shows it as $0 when you check out to show them the level of...
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    2013 Holiday Party, Saturday, December 14th, 2013 from 6-11 PM.

    John & Judy,We were not able to make it last year but are looking forward to attending this year. Dropping check in the mail today-sorry we couldn't provide earlier RSVP. Jim
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    Cars & Coffee in Great Falls (Katie's)

    I did take a few-my car was made invisible by the Lamb Aventador that I was parked next to-he also frequents the C&C in Annapolis on Sunday's so some of you in MD may have seen this gray over black example there-I spoke to both husband and wife they were nice people. .
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    Cheer on SRT's Viper GTSR during the ALMS @ VIR! Oct 5th

    VIR has updated their website and all ticketing for the SRT hospitality and corral parking will be done thorugh their website-more info and the links are in my post
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    ALMS race at VIR October 5th

    The "updated" info is on the VIR site, unlike some of the prior events (like Baltimore) where registration was done through SRT by faxing a form to them, the VIR ALMS event will be done completely via online registration. The SRT Corral parking is highlighted on the map on the following page...
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    Cars & Coffee in Great Falls (Katie's)

    Anyone else planning to go this weekend? The weather forecast is perfect and the sheer number of cars of a wide variety and often times very rare and/or very high quality continue to amaze me. I'm looking forward to it-didn't see any other Vipers the last time a went a few weeks ago...
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    ALMS race at VIR October 5th

    John, It was confirmed when I was in Baltimore that they will be at VIR as well-same set-up. There is a page on VIR's site that shows where all of the car corral parking will be including SRT-just over the bridge and to the right-basicly overlooking turn 6 as the cars go through the lower...
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    Katie's June 1 Cook Out

    Alan,Surprised there wasn't more interest this weekend. I thought I had a conflict but plan to be there this am and look forward to meeting another first year ACR owner. Jim
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    Mid-Atlantic VOI Caravan?

    For those that are still here and leaving Monday morning-there are a few of us (Barry, John & I) who are planning to depart the Viper Parking lot at the Embassy Suites at 10am. Plan is to run up 85 making a stop at Lexington BBQ which is less than an hour up the road for an early BBQ lunch and...
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    Anybody Using WAZE? Create a VOI12 Group - To "See" Each Other on the Road

    you can skip searching a "store" and just search (or google) Lattitude and you will see a link to it-the site will recognize you're coming from a moble phone and not only direct you to but will then provide you with a link to download the appropriate app based on...
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    PA members going to VOI

    Do you guys have a specific location in Winchester where you're stopping to connect with others? I've seen the discussion of 11am but nothing more specific than just Winchester....and it's not a one stoplight location ;-) Was thinking I'd take the longer route and connect with others there as...
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    Mid-Atlantic VOI Caravan?

    ViperBing, What is the route that you're planning to take Wed? Looks like there may be a few of us leaving earlier on Wed. I'm located just South of Springfield, VA off 95 and could take either 95 to 85 or the more Westerly route down 81 to 77.
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    Sign up here for Website/Forum Meet and Greet

    Lee, Count me in-I think the first one I attended in Nashville was the 1st-can't miss event! Jim
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    Mid-Atlantic VOI Caravan?

    Slayer-I like your thinking although with everyone focused on VOI you are already thinking about after it's OVER! I'm planning to leave on Wed, now leaning towards driving rather than trailering the car but plan to leave earlier than BATBOY-would typically take 95/40 but if nobody else is...
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    Katies Cars and Coffee, June 30

    Anybody planning to go tomorrow? I'm planning to go although not in the Viper since it's still dirty and in the trailer from playing last weekend at VIR!
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    Who else is going to the NARRA event this weekend?

    Steve, Glad to hear you enjoyed it and I hope that we turn out a record number of VA/MD/DC members at VIR! See you there ;-) Jim
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    The car shown in NYC was the higher trim "GTS" model and according to what's been put out that would appear to be a standard interior on the Viper GTS as described: Full-length floor, Nappa leather-wrapped, contrasting color stitching, contrasting leather color accents and soft-touch feel...
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    Who's Going to the Reveal Party?

    Looking forward to it! Will have to find alternate accomodations it sounds like.... Will be good to see a lot of familiar faces!
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    Katie's C&C - Saturday, August 21st 7:00a

    Anybody planning on going Saturday 5/27 Memorial Day weekend, but weather is looking terrific. Planning on finally driving the Viper there-hope to see some familiar faces!
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    GEN V Viper picture at VOI 11....

    So how many of you subscribe to Auto Week and agree with their mock up of the GenV?