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  1. Janse

    "Alarm set"

    Hi Steve I have the shop manual for the 1992 edition, can I find the how to disable in there ?
  2. Janse

    "Alarm set"

    have solved the issue after 8 years. I use to bring both keys and keyfobs every time I went for a drive. I forgot to bring both on a drive about 2 months ago…….and no alarm showed up on the dash. Have tried to bring both keys and fobs (one at a time) when I go on a ride and have no issue anymore...
  3. Janse

    1992 battery replacement

    Sounds like a stupid question, but have anyone replaced the battery in a 1992 Viper. Tried to day, to replace the battery, but could not get the battery out of the battery tray and through the hole in the trunk. The bounderies/structure of the battery tray makes it impossible for battery to get...