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  1. Mitsunori Murphy

    For Sale: 2003 Dodge Viper Silver 7K Miles $60K Excellent Condition.

    03 7,000 @ 60k in that condition is a steal
  2. Mitsunori Murphy

    Radar Detectors & Laser Jammers

    r8 in viper. 360 max in s2000 with Shifter zr4 jammer. Uniden best at long range front end, perfect fit for viper and besides even the best jammer's are questionably effective.
  3. Mitsunori Murphy

    Installing a Hellcat Engine into a Dodge Viper

    Kicked out of Spanky's Gang!
  4. Mitsunori Murphy

    Oil consumption

    03 with 60k burns a quart every 3k. Who else?
  5. Mitsunori Murphy

    E Brake

    After insightful discussion with my Viper technician: the E-brake is a functional parking brake and can be used as such. But, it needs routine lubrication to operate as intended. I'm putting on drilled/slotted rotors and upgraded pads, stock pads on the E-brakes and will have it monitored and...
  6. Mitsunori Murphy

    E Brake

    Is the inside E-brake caliper issue a problem on every gen 3 (mine's 1595 in 03, 60k, unknown brake history) and having it in shop tomorrow. The outer disk is smooth but I feel ridges on the inside rotor, so I'm thinking rotors and pads on all 4 corners.