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    Need sexy garage floor to match Viper

    I had a company come in and grind and polish my cement floor in my old house it was great never a worry apout anything on the floor. It was super easy to roll around on a creeper and clean. I will have this done again in my new garage when it is finished.
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    What's this one worth?

    I live 5 miles from Park Place, And know Shannon one of the salesman real well.
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    I have been with Snap-on tools for 30 years and have talked to several of our development engineers about this very subject. The problem is that as that they have no control over the state of charge for the batttery and or how many times the impact hammers on the lugnut. To many variables! Buy a...
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    Check out this torque wrench!

    Check out any of the Snap-on Tech series digital torque wrenches. TECH2FR100 5-100 ft Lbs also reads in in lbs and newton meters, 3/8" drive TECH3FR250 25-250 ft Lbs also reads in in lbs and newton meters 1/2" drive These are a 1% accuracy wrench. And yes I have been with Snap-on for 30 years
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    Exhaust Popping off when going WOT in 1st...

    When you Change the mounts also change the clamp as it is stretched out. I did this and have had no problems since.
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    ACR "Laguna Seca" shirt and other goodies...

    I am partial to the 68 Charger shirt. Go figure! :)
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    Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays

    :santa::santa::santa:Merry Christmas to everyone !:santa3:
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    Clear Bra

    I have had stone gaurd (3M) on one viper (sold) and clear bra on the Black Mamba. I would definatly do clear bra again. I think it looks better than paint chips on a black car. MHO
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    No one will ever ask you "what are those,speaker grills?" again!

    Dodge Viper (1992-2002) Hood Vent Grilles Upgrade (Set of 2) WOW! It's a Jaw Dropper in person! - What a difference! The Jaw dopper is ( I can't believe someone makes this ugly product) :nono:
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    2009 WA VCA Holiday Party

    IIs someone calling paul a Hottie!:D
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    Why did youbuy a Viper ??

    Had a smart car and wanted a larger carbon foot print!
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    Help! Something just happened to my car

    Bad or shorted Battery will cause an alternator to show low voltage! Body control module regulates voltage I believe.
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    Each Saturday am car show @ redmond town center

    Cars and coffee in the AM anyone?
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    VCA Chrysler Coupon

    Hey I used my coupon to Buy a new Ram 3500 ! After working the dealer for two weeks he finally came down to my price with trade. I then said oh buy the way I have this coupon. The sales manager came over and said that we should have told him about that earier. He was not to happy but took it off...
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    Another Viper Bike!

    Paul, Are you gonna order one in YELLOW?
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    My niece + my Vipers = great senior pics!

    What is the color of the charger and more info!:2tu:
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    12th annual WA VCA BBQ & Potluck

    Clint Pm me and I will get Brad to send you the pic.
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    12th annual WA VCA BBQ & Potluck

    Thanks to the Ronalds for a 12th Annual BBQ! Here are a couple of pics my son took of the 14 vipers (not all in the pic's)that attended this fine event. Joe thanks for bringing the yellow M&M's I'm sure they will slowly get eaten around the Ronald house.
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    12th annual WA VCA BBQ & Potluck

    I will put it in a Black dish with a Red cover that way I will be to the BBQ ahead of time.
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    12th annual WA VCA BBQ & Potluck

    If I bring a yellow egg dish will it get eaten SLOWLY?:smirk:
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    12th annual WA VCA BBQ & Potluck

    Eastgate area would work for me! I will have to go south at some point!
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    Blown rear end and no one has one...???

    Or Try Mark J., Service manager at Woodhouse he will have an answer!
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    12th annual WA VCA BBQ & Potluck

    Anyone want to meet at the Bellevue Fred Meyer on 148th. I will be inside shopping for beer in black bottles. and yellow M&M's for the host