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    selling my toys and getting into a gen 3!! the link
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    selling my toys and getting into a gen 3!!

    I am actually planning on putting my Gen 3 up for sale.
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    Tire Temperature System

    be nice to read my drag tire burnout temps.
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    what's up with this soft top cover?Can we drive it fast, or is it meant for cruising?

    Re: what's up with this soft top cover?Can we drive it fast, or is it meant for cruis I was not allowed to race without something more over or around my head. I installed an autoform roll bar and the autoform hard top. Never looked back.
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    Talk to Todd at BBG his headers are top of the line.
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    06 Coupe Dyno Stock vs Boltons Results Inside!

    Your right Hawaii is always nice. I uploaded a pic of my new race car let me know if you got it Not sure what happens after I hit the upload button. New drag only car.
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    06 Coupe Dyno Stock vs Boltons Results Inside!

    Best time was 11.55 but 11.7 seemed the common number. Hows Hawaii treating you?
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    06 Coupe Dyno Stock vs Boltons Results Inside!

    I think my computer update was 300.00 . Its hard to place a value on this type of upgrade,but the car just ran better. Not sure what else you can bolt on that makes a difference I did a couple different TB's K&N Filter, new wire, Ported intake, really didn't feel any difference but that HP you...
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    OS Giken Differential in Viper

    I have been running mine for years its a great setup for the viper.
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    transmission clutch squeal when engaged

    I would give Toddy at BBG a call. He is a Viper clutch go to guy.
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    08 ACR short throw shifter upgrade

    I changed mine to a MGW shor throw shifter and I think it has improved the shifting performance over all. Stronger springs? don't know but I have used it and plan on keeping it in the car.
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    Gen 3 2003 Differential Rebuild??

    maybe try and apply the e brake slowly when its making this sound.
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    F/S: X Metal Throttle Body

    do you have the butterflies and ow much?
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    Gen 3 2003 Differential Rebuild??

    I replaced mine with an OS Giken. The whole rearend thing is a weak link do to its size. The power of the engine far exceeds the strength of the differential and half shafts. Hard launching this car will break things. I have the parts to prove it.
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    opinions wanted

    I have an oem hood 2004
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    Best fitting Nav radio with the most features for 2003 - 2010 Vipers?

    I have the pioneer flip screen gps I just replaced it with a alpine radio. Sell it cheap.
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    Airbag Recall

    I dont know what to say except that I wont be going back. Not much I can do about it except clean it up. Which I did as soon as I got it home. Some people have no regards for others belongings.
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    Airbag Recall

    Well I finally got my car back yesterday after 10 days in the shop. It took the Viper Tech 12 hours to change this recall item. They must have left the doors open for the whole time. My car was coated with dust inside and out, finger prints, and bird crap to boot. Never will I go back to this...
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    Airbag Recall

    Well I have a different radio in mine and they didn't want to do it because it was aftermarket. I told them if it goes off with someowne in that seat there in deep doo doo. Now there going to do it.
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    Airbag Recall

    did they fix it??
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    Airbag Recall

    I received a recall notice for the occupant air bag filter/controller ?? has anyone else received a recall notice 03 Viper
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    Another 10 sec Gen 4

    Dan I bet that was fun to run the drag pack. Dodge had one out at Sonoma Raceway a couple years back. SWEET that's a car made for the strip. I love drag racing my Viper at Sonoma Raceway and it was fairly quick running 11.55 with your mail in computer tune. I had what I thought was a pretty...
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    Another 10 sec Gen 4

    Dan, I found it cheaper and stronger to change cars. I still have the Viper and still love the car, but for drag racing I went to a 68 road runner with a high powered 600 hp 440 big block, a 727 TCI trans/trans break and a dana 60 rear end. Running 10.7 128 mph. Its way different than the...