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    simple greened the engine

    smoking out exhaust or around engine bay? If out of the exhasut you have motor issues, if around the motor then its just **** buring off after cleaning
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    GEN 1 Tuning Options

    you can tune with a split second piggy back as well
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    Blending GTS blue?

    PPG DBC when mixed right matches perfect. Its the guy mixing the paint that makes all the differance.
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    850 HP on a Single Viper Fuel Pump - Installation Outline

    had a machine shop make me new al gromments for the top of the canister-just used zip ties to secure the second pump to side wall of canister, ran a seperate power/relay, ran a seperate return line off the rails- pretty easy and cheap.
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    850 HP on a Single Viper Fuel Pump - Installation Outline

    years ago in my TT gen 1, I added a walboro 255 in the stock canister with the OEM pump and "tee'd" them togather then ran a return. Wouldnt this give more volume and a gen 3 and also not have the issue of starvation since your using the OEM sump for both pumps? (I also ran a relay and...
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    CalChrome Wheels Finally Got Back

    They did mine 8 years ago and the chrome is pealing off. I had issues getting them to respond as it took about 3 months. When I got the rims back one was damaged by UPS. They tried to tell me I had to file the claim, of couse since I didnt pay the shipping UPS would not even talk to me. We...
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    Anyone know what's going on with R&J Distributing?

    they do have the best looking A/M emblems as they are raised like the factory. I think this is a side business for them so you got to wait. I got everything I paid for, but it took a little bit.
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    Chroming gas door on GTS

    thats interesting if its not polished on those areas it wont be very shinny and just a waste...I have had quotes from $200-$400. and 4-8 weeks lead time. There is a little place called sandy's bumper mart in syracuse NY that seems to do good work and I think they may have done these for R&J...
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    Chroming gas door on GTS

    Have you been waiting all this time to try and slam me since last time I put you in your place? I asked a question about chroming, not how to take it apart.
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    Chroming gas door on GTS

    yea, i know how to take these cars apart...that was not my question.
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    Chroming gas door on GTS

    Anyone have this done recently? Price? How long did it take? Where did you have it done? thanks!
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    destroyed silver SRT10 near Harrisburg, PA

    sworn statements are not admissable in court...if you provided one it was not viewed by the judge. So you really didnt help anyone...:rolleyes:
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    destroyed silver SRT10 near Harrisburg, PA

    i know the owner, it was new tires. but they were runflats and it was cold out. There was no one racing, just accelerating to get on the highway.
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    My DIY twin turbo build..

    yep that should work good, I also used two pumps. I ran 3/8" drain line to the pumps then tee'd togather and ran back into the valve cover. I used .030 restrictors and (4) check valves. Once I did that I no oil problems. Note I ran the restrictors then check valve right at the turbo then...
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    My DIY twin turbo build..

    I had the same problem, trust me and put the check valves in. they also restrict a little. Oil runs down hill on both sides and will always collect in the lowest point (your turbo) even if you run the pumps a while there is still alot of oil in the lines, Kind of like when you use a funnel...
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    My DIY twin turbo build..

    you need to run check valves before and after the turbo, you getting oil pooling in the turbos.
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    1996 GTS

    sikkens is good paint, but PPG can match this color fine. I have painted many will no issues.
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    PICS – Went Twin Turbo

    both turbos feed into the innercooler and pressureize that then out and into the throttle bodies. If one turbo is putting out more than the other it will not matter as they both feed the innercooler
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    PICS – Went Twin Turbo

    very nice, I love the valve covers, where did you get them?
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    Post your Upgraded Fuel system

    kindo of what I did on my gen 1, I had a machine ship make me new "bungs" for the top of the canister and ran an fittings off them. I used the factory line as the return and (2) 8an lines of of the canister to a y block then 10an out of the y block. I used fuel injection hose to the pumps in...
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    warms up-stalls out

    This was so long ago I cant really remember, but I do know that I had issues with the throttle bodies, esp if you push the thottle all the way. So I had to "re-adjust" them
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    will a 97 cam work in my 94?

    yes, they will work fine
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    HRE center caps

    yes, pm me your email. I have a set of new ones (I got two with my rims)
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    Car trouble, stuck on road

    yes that is why in tank pumps are much better.