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    Big thanks to Bill at Woodhouse

    That guy still around? He was old and slow driving 10 years ago!
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    P0456 Evap System Small Leak

    Same problem with my sons 2008 mercedes C class. Smoke tested the eval system and low and behold a smoke coming from around the top of the gas tank. No fume smell or anything. Dealer say 4K to drop rear axel, drop tank and replace seal or solenoid. Wonderful
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    Defect in rear hatch 2013 with strip package

    This is what you get when you target a higher educated buyer. An owner with some bite to hold the company accountable for quality. Good Luck on your effort.
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    1994 Hennessey Venom 600 on e-bay from Houston area

    you forgot the engraved valve covers. Ha Ha
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    1994 Hennessey Venom 600 on e-bay from Houston area

    He did treat owners from Texas a little different then the rest of the USA and overseas. I wouldn't trust his crap one bit as described. I can't argue with his stellar marketing ability to stay afloat with bad reviews everywhere.
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    not feeling real good about my 01 RT/10

    Just drove from Venice Florida to NY. Did not see one Viper on the road. Was tired of looking at Vets before we left Florida. Eventually people will realize the minimal production numbers.
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    Anybody Have The Scoop On.The 2015/2016 Viper??????

    For the coin the Jag F-Type R looks interesting
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    Advice on replacement Tires.

    The PS2's are the only street tires coming up in Viper sizes for 17 inch rims. 1600 plus shipping for the set. Tires I bet are at least 10 years old, since the 17's went out in 1998
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    Comp Blue Yes or No

    They need to paint the front cross hairs
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    Please advise before i buy!

    When ever you see a salesman's lips moving they are telling half truths.
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    02 GTS door opening weatherstrip

    ware are you getting the weather stripping from?
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    anybody parting out a gts in socal area neeed parts :(

    Good Luck. What a pile of crap, unless you recieved it free. The title of this thread should be your parting it out. It would have been cheaper in the long run to by a driveable viper. Enjoy
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    This is worth drooling over!

    ceiling light a little distracting, none the less you will never get tired looking at the blue/white gen 2 viper
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    Side by Side Photos - Gen 5 & C7

    Thanks for the side by side photos. I've been biting my tongue, but the Viper hood gap to front facia in the center looks hideous in the photos, even shows some shading from the sun. I trust your visual descriptions of both vehicles since that is real world. But photography from a short distance...
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    Service Departrment issues

    Buy a Gen 5 there, they will treat you better then.
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    Will SRT's Marketing Department Kill the Viper Brand?

    I don't care what anyone says. Higher educated people will not subject themselves to a brand unprepared to treat them like a king. Hell when I bought my first viper locally with cash in 98 I was treated like crap before, during and after the purchase. Place has been dead to me for 15 years and...
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    Ran my viper out of gas

    hhhmmm went so fast it peeled off all the stickers?
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    "ALERT" Big problems with GEICO Insurance

    The insurance company might be playing the angle of more wear and tear on the suspension components and thus possible a premature failure of a part on the street. Say like that weak rear knuckle. I really don't get this age of posting all this crap on facebook, youtube and so one. What is it...
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    Obscene offers???

    03-05 Vipers are well lets say the equivelent to a C4 corvette.
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    Video (wanna go fast) smoking a Roush Mustang

    top fuel dragsters don't even need that far to slow down.
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    Downstream O2 sensors

    Are you sure there are rear O2 sensors. I thought they first showed up in the 1998 Vipers
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    Something about the Viper Win ??

    He has twice as many first place class wins at LeMans with the Corvette than the Viper.
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    Vipers Prices Gen 3

    2003-2005 Vipers are the C4 Corvette. They will never bring in the high dollar unless never driven. Those years will be the entry level market of new buyers.