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    Gen3 rocker panel

    Here are photos. Please keep in mind I do not know what the actual shipping cost will be. I don’t want to build a crate until I know if you want the rocker. It could be $350 plus crating cost, it could be more. I sent something similar to California and it was $600. I will only charge actual out...
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    Gen3 rocker panel

    Kevin, nothing is attached on the underside, just the hole that the exhaust tip protrudes through. We recently shipped a similar part to the West Coast that was fully crated. It was very expensive - almost $600. I would guess a FedEx Ground shipment to Michigan could be around $350 plus crating...
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    Gen3 rocker panel

    I have both the driver side and passenger side sill rockers from a 2010 ACR. They are in like-new condition, painted white. I believe they will fit a 2005, but double check the compatibility. Price is $1,750 (USD) for either side, plus any packaging/shipping costs from Florida to your location...
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    WTB: 2008-2010 SRT 6-spoke brushed polished OEM wheels

    Not the wheel you are showing in your post, but I have both original OEM rear wheels (black) taken off a 2010 ACR with only 30 miles on the car when they were removed. OEM DODGE VIPER 2010 ACR SRT-10 Aluminum REAR Wheel 1JJ59DX8AA.