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  1. Vabutkus

    Gen2 GTS ProEfi 128 install help

    Ok, I have wired in Bosch ignitors and done with the coils.
  2. Vabutkus

    Gen2 GTS ProEfi 128 install help

    Searched whole forum for this but no luck. Doing a ProEfi128 standalone install in my 97 GTS and can't find the info I need. Stock harness has 5 coil driver wires so I believe its 5 pairs (if remember correctly 1-6, 5-10, 8-9, 4-7, 2-3), so my question is - do the ProEFI 128 coil outputs 1 to 5...
  3. Vabutkus

    97 GTS rear glass

  4. Vabutkus

    97 GTS rear glass

    need a rear glass for my 97 GTS, thanks
  5. Vabutkus

    New Owner 1997 GTS B/W

    What wheels are those? Looking for something similar for my GTS, thanks
  6. Vabutkus

    Looking for a previous owner/owners for my blue 1997 GTS

    Hello, a couple of years ago bought this on an auction, imported to Europe and only recently started working on it. It is a 1997 GTS blue with white stripes and bought it with left rear suspension damage and broken rear glass, probably hit a curb as the wheel was shattered into pieces and frame...