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    KILLER DEAL on a 2014 GTS

    Is this the car that was for sale at Midway?? Sweet deal for car in $80's
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    2015 TA 2.0 in Y'ORANGE

    The Duke boys drive a Y'Orange in one of the AutoTrader ads. At first I thought it was a TA, but it has SRT on the fender and silver 5-spoke wheels.
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    Any rare ACR combos for sale?

    It was listed for sale at $84,995/Best Offer. So I would guess he got mid to upper 70's on trade.
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    13 or 14 trade in values

    My 08 has dropped $19K according to the dealer I purchased it from 14 months ago on trade towards a Gen5.:crazy2:
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    Did Chrysler goof with their $15K Viper purchase incentive

    They are, from the price a week ago. If you get a voucher from already owning one, take another $15K off.
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    Color code of stripe?

    Do you have the code for white stripes on 08 cars?
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    CAlling Vipair...or Steve Prescott

    From what I've heard, he is no longer in the business of aftermarket Viper products.
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    VOI 13

    Could be TWS, Aggies play in Dallas that weekend so there are a lot of free hotel rooms.
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    Must sell parts

    Tom,where is my refund? It's been almost two weeks now.
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    Corsa Exhaust Installed

    Belanger headers and exhaust complete with sound clip at Viper Exchange Facebook page. Dyno coming in a week or so.
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    Looking for an 08 Coupe in Black

    Tomball Dodge/Viper Exchange has an black, no stripe 08. It has a huge list of mods. Call and ask for Bernie.
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    Door panels, chipping?

    My 06 had the same chip. I was second owner so I have no idea how it got there. Both of my 08's do not have ...yet.
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    Corsa Exhaust Installed

    Bernie at Tomball Dodge/Viper Exchange has taken a set of gen4 Balangers and had them modified to fit a gen5. They are still testing and making the exhaust. If you are on Facebook, find the Viper Exchange page and Like. They are posting the progress there.
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    First pictures interior carbon fiber!!

    Look at Peters post, probably the most negative person on this site!! It's like he's the only Viper owner on here and the rest of us drive S2000 with viper body kits or something. Dude, give it a break already!!!! Lee posted from SRT and Bill confirmed it, that should be enough. Geez!!!
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    Stripe Color Paint code needed

    I thought the stripes were stone white, code PW1.
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    Gen V Composite Intake Manifold on a Gen IV

    I emailed Arrow a few days ago and still have not heard anything on price of the intake.
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    Gen V Composite Intake Manifold on a Gen IV

    One of my friends on Facebook posted the other day he has the new gen5 valve covers on his ACR. Purchased from Arrow.
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    Must sell parts

    PM coming your way
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    Need factory shifter- Gen III

    Are you looking for the shifter handle knob or the actual part that bolts to tranny?
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    Help needed with suspension ASAP

    Someone has to make them, I think Steve just pushed to get a vendor to do so.
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    Gen IV PCM removal

    It's located in front driver side, under the upper radiator hose. I think you only need a screw driver to remove three screws on the cover plate.