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    P420 code

    The P0420 Code is a Catalyst Efficiency code for Bank 1. Your upstream O2 has nothing to do with it.
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    Help in Atlanta

    Call ARD Motorsports in Flowery Branch.
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    Will Gen V seats fit in a Gen IV?

    I can't advertise them here but check out the picture on our Facebook.
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    Will Gen V seats fit in a Gen IV?

    Sabelt has an aftermarket replacement option for the earlier model Vipers.
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    Trailers going West

    More exact locations? Might be able to help.
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    Missing / Stolen Radiators

    If everyone will please be on the lookout for Gen 2 Triple pass radiators that might turn up on Ebay or elsewhere online. There was recently a shipment of radiators from our manufacturer to us that somewhere fell off the UPS truck. These are only Gen 2 units and may reference the part number...
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    AEM Infinity PCM MODULE from Wiliam @ RSI how long is reasonably?

    Please reach out to me today as we do not have any currently open orders for AEM Infinity systems. All our harness orders are being filled within 3-4 weeks at this time. Please call the shop at (972) 422-4242 or my cell at (940) 626-9949. You can also email me directly at...
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    Looking for radiator and '99+ fan module.
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    Has anyone else ordered the BC coilovers from Will at RSI in the past 6 months?

    Actually Mario we supplied the original stock coilovers to get these made 3+ years ago and had these setup as a private label product but continued to get jerked around on them. The first sets that were ordered were spec'd correctly by us, but came in with the wrong forks and spring rates...
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    t56 Questions

    More than likely the transmission will be fine. It really depends on each individual transmission and how you drive it. I am not sure what the weight difference is from your car and a Viper, but that can also change the holding capacity of the transmission. I can tell you that we have street...
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    Has anyone else ordered the BC coilovers from Will at RSI in the past 6 months?

    The BC coilovers are a great inexpensive option for the Viper. The standard setup for these units from BC is not the correct spring rate or valving. After dealing with headaches over these for the past year, we finally sorted out all the issues with them, but they still have been delayed in...
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    Paging Will at RSI

    Viper J - after all the fighting we did back and forth on this, we decided to give you a refund and stopped the fight against your chargeback. According to my records, you were fully refunded. We tried to make this situation right and fully refund you. If you are stilled owed anything, please...
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    Next power adder?

    Andreas, I answered you on your Viper Alley thread. And before you are spreading more BS around, Gary did come work with us. He came for the week he was supposed to be with us and retracted to stop clients from contacting him as that was never the purpose. I have responded to your emails...
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    Paging Will at RSI

    Call my cell 940-626-9949
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    Paging Will at RSI

    Been a little crazy around here. Please give me a call
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    Observations while Twin Turbocharging a 2014 SRT GTS

    We have built an 1000hp stock engine car as well as the fully built 1250hp car. Both cars are with their owners and running great. We are building another 1000hp car right now as well as just pulled the engine on another 1250 car.
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    Paging Will at RSI

    214-513-3773 - Here is the shop number.
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    What radiator and sway bar link pins!

    This the one that you want.
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    Carbon ceramic brakes for the Gen V

    The Brembo CCM discs that are the OEM option for the Ferrari and Corvette are Not designed for hard track use. Period. The ceramic disc will last a lot longer than an iron rotor during street driving, but the excessive temperatures generated on the track will cause a significant decrease in the...
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    Roe Blower Kit for Sale

    Sold! Less than 1 hour.
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    Roe Blower Kit for Sale

    We have a Roe Supercharger kit that we took in as a trade-in. We sent the blower to Kenne Bell and had it refurbished. If anyone is looking for a kit, please contact me directly. We do not have time to install this kit, so it will be pick up or ship out only. First 5K takes it...