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    2000 IAC Gasket part number?

    I was looking around everywhere for one a few months back, I was unsuccessful, had to reuse my old one.
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    looking for a 1997 GTS radio bezel part #KS79MX4AB

    Damn 2 years and still nothing ? Good luck man, hope you find one.
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    Good Mechanic in Houston Area

    What type of issues are you having ? If you need to replace a pump, I know there’s a step by step vid on YouTube on a gen 1 .
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    Help! Sitting ‘04 Viper

    I was deployed for over a year and it fired right up on old gas, no codes or sputtering. I had over half tank and ran it that way. I sent my injectors for sonic cleaning just in case old gas might have affected them, results showed they were flowing optimum prior and after cleaning .
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    Help! Sitting ‘04 Viper

    I think you’re over analyzing this , it’s 15 months not 15 years . Charge the battery and crank it up. Gas doesn’t go bad that quick . If it’s been cared for like you stated, then it should start no problem.
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    1997 Water pump

    Sent you a pm
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    Bought my first Viper !

    Hey, just a quick intro, finally at a stage in my life where I can own my dream car, a 2001 Red GTS with 32k on the clock. Looking forward to getting to know you guys. Did some searching on a seat lowering kit (I'm 6'4) , noticed that $400 is a damn ripoff for a couple brackets. I plan on...