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  1. senvalitov

    Looking for 1997 Canada / Euro right headlight, right foglamp, hood insulator, airbox with knobs

    Looking for a bunch of parts for my 1997 eurospec BW GTS, namely right headlight assembly, right foglamp, hood insulator and air cleaner box with knobs. NOS is preferred, NYC pick up.
  2. senvalitov

    Insane PSM mileage

    Gents, recently I got a '97 GTS with 10K miles, the car is in mint condition and I have no reason to assume that its odometer was messed with, but man, PCM shows 800K+ miles, which is unreal. PCM VIN matches, no signs of replacement etc. What could be the issue? Is there anyting I should be...
  3. senvalitov

    Lucky 1997 GTS B/W Owner!

    Hi guys, my name is Sen, I am from Moscow/Russia, and I just got myself 10K mile 1997 GTS. Remember putting miles on it in gran turismo on PS1 when I was a kid, and now the real thing is in the garage, crazy. It's a euro spec, 1/122 BW GTS imported to Europe as I understand. Car is in pretty...