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    FOR SALE - 2002 Dodge Viper GTS

    2002 Dodge Viper GTS 19,500 Miles Pristine Condition No Accidents Title In Hand Gen-5 Sidewinder II Wheels JMB Extended Cold Air Intake Quality Wires Spark Plug Wires SCT X3 Programmer with Roe Tune Fuel Injectors Serviced by Armour Racing Billy Boat 3” Cat-Back w/ X-Pipe Stainless Cat-Delete...
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    Looking for 2001-2002 Viper GTS

    If you're still looking, I'll be listing my 2002 GTS for sale with 19,000 miles.
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    FOR SALE: Unitrax Dodge Viper Differential 3.73 Gears

    Gen 2 differential that just came back from Unitrax. It was completely rebuilt by the best with new clutches and OEM Dana Spicer 3.73 ratio TracLoc and new Yellowbox speedo recal box included. Swap out your diff without the 3-4 week downtime of sending yours in to them. You can sell your...
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    F/S: M&M Headers w/ Hardware and OEM Gaskets *NEW*

    I'm selling a brand new set of M&M headers for the Gen 2. Comes complete with hardware and OEM gaskets. $1250 price includes shipping within US.
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    WTB: Gen 2 differential

    Found one at a bargain, thanks all.
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    WTB: Gen 2 differential

    WTB a used Gen 2 differential. Let me know if anyone has one they are looking to sell..
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    F/S: Gen 2 intake with smooth tubes and K&N panel filters

    Intake from my Gen 2 with smooth tubes and K&N panel filters. $200 plus shipping in US. Just the smooth tubes and filters alone are worth the money :) I have it listed on eBay as well. Ebay Item: 163353005346
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    Underdrive Crank Pulley

    Does anyone have experience with running an IPSCO underdrive pulley on a N/A car? I was told there is no effect under normal driving conditions/ rpm range. It only comes into play at high rpms (4,000 to 5,000) at a 25% reduction for a gain of about 10hp.
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    WTB: Gen 2 Headers

    Couldn't pass it up...
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    WTB: Gen 2 Headers

    Just picked up a set of M&M
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    WTB: Gen 2 Headers

    I'm looking for a used set of Gen 2 aftermarket headers, 1-5/8" or 1-3/4"
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    Does AB from Qualitywire still sell them?

    I just ordered a set and received confirmation from Adam that they are shipping.
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    Clear Marker Lights for Gen 1 2 Production Ready to Start

    Installed mine today. They look absolutely perfect. Sits nice and flush, so much better looking than the Klearz (which I've owned before). No modification needed. I unbolted the hand full of screws that hold the front bumper cover on and slid a small open ended wrench in, so much easier...
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    Cleaning Out The Garage...GTS Items For Sale

    Rear Turn Signals: OEM Audio Amp: Owners Manual Complete Case...
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    Why so many Vipers have accidents in history?

    What plumcrazy said + no traction control.
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    1997 Dodge Viper GTS // Photo Shoot in Boston

    Optimum No-Rinse Wash & Wax. The bottle states a spray wax ratio of 8oz to 1 gallon of water, but I mix it slightly stronger for more lube. :headbang: I clay and wax about every other month seasonal here and once a season I take a DA to it.
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    1997 Dodge Viper GTS // Photo Shoot in Boston

    I have never driven the car in the rain. The particles on the surface are usually a thin layer of dust. I always keep a nice coat of wax and the spray wax that I use contains a high level of lubricant.
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    1997 Dodge Viper GTS // Photo Shoot in Boston

    I purchase most of my products from Detailer's Domain....Meguiar's, Optimum, Lusso, NanoSkin. I never wash my car with soap and water...always spray wax and just about every other drive. I use microfiber towels from Detailer's Domain and constantly wash them with a shampoo that I purchased...