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    Free Jon B

    Jon B can go blow goats for all I care. Had a bad experience with him.
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    Is it true? Gen I more reliable than Gen III?

    I beat my gen 3 with a hammer on a daily basis....
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    VCA Raffle car just arrived at Woodhouse!!!

    I'd like to make sure you get me a hooker for company on the way back to Dallas please. Brunette will do just fine. Preferably one without vocal cords....
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    Your best guess, what is the dealer going to give me on my Viper Trade???

    I think it all comes down to margin. Depending on what you got off of your 458 or Mc is going to be the determining factor. You could get 47-50k for it I bet. I would think they would end up giving you around 45k and flipping it within a week.
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    Nittos or toyos??

    I love my Michelin Sport's. Just put another set on my new wheels.
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    Southwest Zone Rendezvous

    Yes, there seems to be no direction from our masters......
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    2006 CEL comming on

    Google it. I believe it's an 02 sensor.
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    Door panels, chipping?

    That looks exactly like my door panel........
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    So if I'm switching wheels and tires do I have to put the sensors back in the new wheels?
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    ALL Corvette Owners secretly want to do this!

    That car looks confused.... Gen 1? 2? 3? I'm not sure if it even knows. The designer must have been drunk when the final design was done. GEEZ!
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    race weekend September 19,20,21,22 in Austin

    Planning on going to Houston that weekend, but if this gets put together I'd be down cancel my flight and drive down to Austin.
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    Why do viper owners tend to keep miles so low?

    Dude, you enjoy the dustballrally? I live in Addison where you guys started. I wished I could have made it out to watch you guys take off. You have pics?
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    Big shout out to VPA

    I have done business with VPA before and had no issue. Second time around there was an issue. Not their fault, Mopar's to blame for this. I ordered a pair of "viper" door guards, and as soon as they came in I painted them matte black. Well, a few days later I went to install them and then...
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    Vipers Prices Gen 3

    Coupe guys have dark tinted windows. I throw the top down and show my pretty mug. Hell, I might even throw on a tank top..... Poor coupe guys, just buy sun block for your bald head.... It's cool.
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    H spokes and Pilot Sports FS

    send me your e-mail
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    H spokes and Pilot Sports FS

    Just got confirmation on my sidewinders and got my new tires in today. I'm selling my H spokes which two of them have minor rash on them. The Pilot sports have 4k miles on them. $2300 + shipping.
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    That's AWESOME!! Too bad it's illegal in Texas. I'd buy that QUICK!
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    Viper wheel base-why is it still so short?

    I couldn't imagine how the car would handle if it was much shorter. I'd be afraid to drive it.
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    Recommended detailers in northern Dallas/Plano area?

    Destructo how did your detail experience go? I'm looking for the same.
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    Why do viper owners tend to keep miles so low?

    My DD is a Ford Edge (go ahead and laugh) I did however throw my 2013 VCA sticker on the back to help ease the pain. I commute everyday, so I might drive it twice a month to the office. I really only drive it when I'm trolling for some ass, which is usually on the weekends. Don't have time...
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    What kind of time are we talking about here? A few seconds?
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    Anyone have a radar jammer on their car? I was wondering how effective they are. I can only assume they are illegal. Have any of you been busted with one?
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    Zero power, side of road, HELP!

    Yes, check car alarm. Also check battery terminals, ground too.