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    Viper Owner Invitational #11 - BE THERE!

    I hope they put out the fires so the smoke/ash doesnt affect visibility and air quality. What were they blowing up out there?
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    Corsa track exhaust on a Gen 4 ?

    the best exhaust for the viper.
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    Tow Hook For ACR

    I got my steel ones from Archer Racing. Thats what youre looking for.
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    Anyone know how to remove the wing supports on an 09 ACR?

    Mike, Im not gonna make it this weekend. I have to go to a medical conference in San Diego this weekend. Plus I heard it may rain? Hope it stays dry for ya. I'll give ya a call later . Dan- if we cant figure it out- do you have a number for prefix? Thanks, Kobi
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    Anyone know how to remove the wing supports on an 09 ACR?

    I want to do an ACR-X stripe on my wing. I know how to remove the wing, but does anyone know how to remove the wing supports from the trunk? I see one bolt under the bottom end of the trunk lid, but how do I access the other bolt?
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    What's a good price on a new 09 ACR?

    you can get em for invoice from Bernie Katz at Tomball Dodge. (281) 351-2000
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    Anyone had heat or warping issues with clear bra on rocker panels?

    3M and ventureshield is what I used- no problems at all.
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    Can't sleep!

    I got mine at night also. Night or day- get it asap!
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    Clear Bra Installation San Diego

    I used venture shield clear pro. Hes a great guy who will do it in your garage. He's very meticulous and does an excellent job. Hes in Temecula, much closer than LA, but Im sure he'd drive to San Diego if you paid him a little extra. Or- if you can meet him up there we would also do it. I had...
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    Trade diff for an ACR

    KBB prices your car at about $58 for trade in value. IF you can get an ACR at invoice - it'd be around $98-$100. I traded my 08 for an 09 ACR. After shopping all over, no one could beat the deal that Bernie Katz offered me at Tomball Dodge. Hes your man. Is your car paid off? If not, whats the...
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    New In Box Factory ACR Cover

    congrats on the new car again Kevin. Are you gonna drive this one this summer?
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    Used Motons?!

    I sold mine for $2500. I think they go for about $4200 brand new right?
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    SSG ACR Viper (With acrx paint) & Black/Red ACR

    That ACR looks amazing. He must have painted the roof and the wing too. or the hood and the trunk if it came factory with black centerband delete. Just not a fan of those wheels on a black/green ACR.
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    The Ultimate Wheel Thread - Gen III & IV

    love the ride height on your car.
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    unique paint job

    Love the blunt honesty...
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    SSG ACR Viper (With acrx paint) & Black/Red ACR

    Thats a beautiful paint job on the SSG coupe, looks very similar to the next raffle car, but its not an ACR, is it?
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    Bit by a Bad Green Snake -09 SSG ACR-

    Thanks Mike, Yes, I am planning to make it out to Willow with West Coast Racing in March. I love the seats- the major advantages are: 1) much more leg room for us big guys. 2) hole in seat bottom between legs allows for front lap belt to properly cinch up tightly. 3) Major weight savings...
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    Bit by a Bad Green Snake -09 SSG ACR-

    OK Nick, I will let you know. For now, I like these pesky OldEM things.
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    Bit by a Bad Green Snake -09 SSG ACR-

    Re: Bit by a Bad Green Snake -09 SSG ACR-K22 ARROW RACING ENGINES, LLC
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    Bit by a Bad Green Snake -09 SSG ACR-

    Re: Bit by a Bad Green Snake -09 SSG ACR-K22 Thanks Jon B. Todd says the close out panel keeps the warm radiator air from getting into the air cleaner/engine and also forces all the cooling air thru the radiator making the engine run cooler, so we get two advantages, more horsepower from the...
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    2009 SSG ACR

    Congrats Dan. Kevin, what about the next raffle car- How amazing is that car?
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    PIC of Arrow Racing Engine Intake porting

    pics of mine in my post:
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    ACR/ACR-X/Rogue Status Viper

    I hope its vinyl! 21 guns.
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    Bit by a Bad Green Snake -09 SSG ACR-

    Have you seen this years raffle car???!!! They got me beat.