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  1. Janni

    VCA back to the same old routine

    please stop mentioning my name with regard to historical information, not posting "the whole story" that I have posted, when I cannot respond. It's sneaky, dirty and underhanded. It also istrying to capitalize on the respect I have in this org - and that's yet another BS move. And yes - I...
  2. Janni

    10 years ago today.....TRAGEDY

    Gone WAY,WAY, WAY too soon. RIP PMUM. I'll go kiss the CC today.
  3. Janni

    VCA Drama: what are the known facts?

    Of course I have it - but can't post anything here about it. Of course I also asked for a headcount vote and never received it. And the list goes on.
  4. Janni

    Lee resigned

    The Chrysler letter was the smoking gun or hte cookie jar in your analogy. It directly contradicted the yarn that had been spun for over a year. There ARE issues. Lee's behavior on the phone call (even taking out the swearing and slurred speech) was to continue to deny ANY strain in the...
  5. Janni

    Lee resigned

    What's the opposite side of openness, transparency and communication?
  6. Janni

    Free Jon B

    The last "disclosure" I had (Sept 2012) was that VPA employed 3 people - Herb, Chris and Thad (shipping guy). Herb's salary has already been discussed here. Chris was making about $40K from VPA and I think - but not 100% sure - THad was $20K. If we're paying anyone near six figures in total...
  7. Janni

    Free Jon B

    Hi Randall, While I appreciate your post, I was a target of your vitriol during the election process. In fact, your candidacy announcement came out as a rousing dis of my candidacy (as in - "I saw the quality of the choices you had, and I HAD to DO SOMETHING". We, Maurice, John, James and...
  8. Janni

    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    There were several folks that left here as moderators. I believe there was some RW stuff. Don't underestimate the determined evilness of someone who feels "wronged", and can "easily" find out your identity. Identities are pretty well concealed on the Alley and not so much here. Hopefully...
  9. Janni

    Thank you to all who directly or indirectly exposed the vca

    Correction The letter writer was WOLLESON, not Tolleson. Mr Tolleson is a respected Georgia member and past pres, I believe. Mr. WOLLESON is a former Director residing in Kansas.
  10. Janni

    Feeling Guilty

    Please don't beat yourself up over this. Choosing to allow your boy to go with dignity, and with a vet you trust, he was given a sedative, like was mentioned here, and eased over the Rainbow Bridge. Your decision was made out of love. Cowboy knows your emotional state probably better than...
  11. Janni

    MCVO Separates from National VCA

    As far as I know, Ben Keating of Tomball Dodge and SRT did the 'ring. They were Ben's cars, I think, and SRT helped with ring rental and drivers, etc. I am not 100% sure on who did what etc - but there was never any discussions of VCA paying for the cars, drivers, staff, etc. And honestly -...
  12. Janni


    In prior years, the raffle license number was clearly communicated in the flyer and on the tickets. It was also administered by the Motor City Viper Owners. Most states that I have seen, do require printing / disclosing the raffle license number. It's a fair question that never needed to be...
  13. Janni

    MCVO Separates from National VCA

    I am a trophy wife! I LOVE IT!!!!! VOI is total Viper immersion. It's the drive to get there, everyone staying in the same place, renewing friendships, tech sessions with the SRT guys (personal faves), road rally / tours, dinners, entertainment, etc. My first VOI was the first Vegas - and...
  14. Janni

    MCVO Separates from National VCA

    MCVO made a bold move. With the ties you guys have to Chrysler and SRT National likely provided few benefits and certainly didn't provide you with anything you couldn't get locally - so can understand - and of course - you wouldn't want to associate with anyone that degraded the...
  15. Janni

    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    Well - THERE'S some common sense! Thank you, Tony.
  16. Janni

    ALMS Grand Prix of Baltimore August 30-31, 2013

    ^^^ Great pic. Terrible course layout.
  17. Janni

    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    So with no national club, with whom shall SRT communicate? Does that leave the relationship with the manufacturer up to each individual region and turn things into have / have nots? I don't expect SRT to manage communications with 20+ regions (or however many are established) so I would fear...
  18. Janni

    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    Great suggestions - keep 'em coming. One clarification maybe? - as a former Director - there are no lifetime free VOIs. In fact - to my knowledge there are no "free VOI's". There is / was a former president lifetime VCA membership - but that is the only ongoing freebie of which I am aware...
  19. Janni

    VCA Raffle car just arrived at Woodhouse!!!

    It does take a little time to gather facts (esp if anything material had been kept from anyone - does this sound familiar????), sort through options, and consult with attorneys (as stated). it's easy to copy / paste from the internet, but a little harder to actually "do". I am hopeful that the...
  20. Janni

    First crashed Gen V on public roads?

    My condolences to Martin's friends, family and the entire Chrysler family. These devices can't be too low or else they flip the high CG SUVs, but they are not sports car friendly.
  21. Janni

    Another sad R.I.P - Phil Simms

    Thanks - I'll get their address from Libby.
  22. Janni

    Another sad R.I.P - Phil Simms

    Thank you so much - I need to get Phil and Donna's address - can you PM me it if you have it in your records? He was a REALLY great guy. can't put it into words.
  23. Janni

    Another sad R.I.P - Phil Simms

    One of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Philips Simms of Florida. Viper guy, racer, father, husband. All of these roles he did well. I saw Libby Lashinsky's posting on Donna's Fb page (his wife) and was shocked to learn he died of a brain aneurysm on...
  24. Janni

    Blocking threads/posts by VCA Twitter?

    Thanks, Don - for all you do and your responsiveness.
  25. Janni

    Sign up here for Website/Forum Meet and Greet

    In! Thanks for organizing!