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    Turnersville Dodge-Very Bad Experience

    Sorry didn’t finish. Benny at Better Auto Care. Kenilworth NJ 908.245.5577
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    Turnersville Dodge-Very Bad Experience

    Saw you NJ. My buddy is the best mechanic, all types of cars. A former racer. Call Benny at Better Auto C
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    I need an advice

    I think price high for convertible
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    My first Viper! She's finally here! 97' GTS

    You will be in heaven. Mine 98 same colors
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    Last post here is over 3 years old?

    As a recent Viper owner I joined VCA. Didn’t see much activity in NJ area. Excited for spring
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    New Viper owner

    Congrats. I also recently bought GTS. 1998 with 38,000 miles If you don’t mind, how much did you pay?
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    1998 GTS upgrades

    I purchased 1998 GTS in showroom condition but no info on mods. Car has headers, no cats, no muffler just resonator. Smooth tubes and upgraded air filter. How can I determine if ECU was altered for mods? Car has big break upgrade. I believe gen 3/4 brakes upfront and gen 2 front brakes...
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    Does Viper have built-in roll bar/roll over protection suitable for 6 pt harness use?

    Any idea of strength of GTS built in rollover protection? Budget issue. Harness and HANs for HPDE. Roll bar not in the spending que . Maybe I should change wish list. Make roll bar as priority instead of going to 3:55 rear
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    Asanti Wheels for sale $2000 OBO

    Can’t see images
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    Asanti Wheels for sale $2000 OBO

    I can’t see images
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    Anyone looking to trade wheels?

    Still looking to upgrade my rear 17 to 19. Anyone have for sale?
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    Interior dimmer

    Anyone know source on interior dimmer switch for gen 2?
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    Anyone looking to trade wheels?

    Still selling? Size and price
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    Best replacement Radiator

    Mine is a 1998 GTS. Lower corner of radiator shows green leak but nothing on garage floor. My mechanic recommends a new radiator and wants to install a thicker radiator and as 99+ fan is super expensive he wants to fabricate a fan assemble. Question is, do I buy aftermarket drop in radiator...
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    1997 Low Mileage B&W GTS for Sale

    Like the look of your bumper. Can you give info on? My toy is a 1998 GTS red with silver strips
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    Anyone looking to trade wheels?

    What size and asking price?
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    Anyone looking to trade wheels?

    Car came with center caps. Person who told me who made the wheels, spelled the man's name wrong. It is CCW.
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    WTB Gen 2 Exhaust

    Help is appreciated. Recently purchased a 1998 GTS. Like new condition red with silver strips. Seems I have headers, no cats, no mufflers but only resonators. How can I determine what headers I have? Car sounds great but can’t have a conversation in Car. Suggestions to quiet Car but still...
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    Wheel size question

    No street tires. I figured set up that way for a reason with 285/35 upfront instead of 275/35.
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    Anyone looking to trade wheels?

    Thought I had CCW wheels. Was looking to upgrade from 17 to 19. I’m told by viper specialist wheels not CCW but John Perna wheels. Anyone know about this?
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    Wheel size question

    I recently bought a 1998 GTS. Weirdest wheel set up. CCW wheels 18” upfront and 17” rear. I understand the 18” upfront as a prior owner upgraded the brakes. Can anyone guess why 17” were used in the rear other then the owner probably got a good deal.
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    Wheel and Tire size options

    I found a company that could upgrade my 17” to 18” then I realized no one makes street tires for the rear. Can’t upgrade my wheels to 19”, would need to buy new ones.
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    Wheel and Tire size options

    I just bought a beautiful as new 1998 GTS. Red with silver strips. But a few oddities. Car has CCW wheels 17” rear and 18” fronts. Just ordered same size tires as Car came with, 335/35-17 and 285/35-18. I see why 18” upfront. Prior owner upgraded rotors to 14”. Does anyone have any clue...

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