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    New Top from Autoform

    Thanks for photos. Outstanding looking top. Question: When you say: "Two mounting points behind the window on the exterior", does that mean drilling the body or can it be removed without modifying the car?
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    ALL Corvette Owners secretly want to do this!

    There will come a day in my lifetime when Dodge Viper replicas (convincing ones, not poor ones like the one posted) become part of life. Austin Boattail speedster, Ford GT40, Shelby Cobra, Porsche Speedster.... Sometimes a shape of a car is so classic and iconic, demand outstrips affordable...
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    SRT Viper vs SLS AMG Black Series

    Used to date a journalist for a few years. She informed me that: To get a story posted, there are 2 questions: -Does it provoke emotional response (ie controversial)? -Why now? (Versus something that is no longer new). Knowing this puts the video in perspective. The goal isn't to inform...
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    Lee Iacocca introduces the Dodge Viper

    Nice video! Iacocca: "Some of them are just going to have to wait awhile".... I didn't think it would be all of 19 years later, to be able go back and get one of those 1992s. But thanks to them building a good product that lasts for the long term, I am glad that there was an opportunity to...
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    New Video with Ralph saying they tested the TA edition with sport cups

    A really top-flight interview by Ralph. Way to be firm but also really amazing to see how in action, how is able to win people over to his side. Great leadership Ralph!
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    VCA Mobile App Apple Products

    nice Nicely done! Thanks!
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    Any way to find original ship-to dealer info on very early vipers?

    Planning to order one of pattymelt's nice reproduction Monroney stickers, but can't seem to track down the original ship-to dealer to complete it. It is a well-preserved 1992 (still getting driven, for people to enjoy). -I don't have the original Monroney, just the price sticker with the...
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    Show us your garage!

    Nice garages guys! HGTV had a 'Top 10' 'Garages' episode with some video runthroughs of some nice garages around North America. Topical, since one of the pundits in the episode describing the designs is none other than Viper boss Ralph Gilles. He is not bad actually at describing garage...
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    Hemmings December Viper Buyer's Guide

    Looks like Hemmings has made at least part of the story online, now that the issue is on the shelves a bit: Mostly written for people who haven't looked at Viper before. There is some history, some sample parts prices, a few...
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    Canadian Gen 5 pricing announced

    Is any part of the new Gen V made in Canada? I seem to recall that in the early Gen's, the frame was manufactured in Canada for assembly in Michigan. Was sort of need having a little tiny piece of Viper as a shoutout to the Canadian Viper fans, not unlike the Canadarm on the US space shuttle...
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    Lighter not working, where is the fuse at ? ---

    This fuse blows often. It also controls part of the alarm system, the chime for seatbelts/door and I think high/low beam switch. It's a 20amp, some people replace with a 25 so less likely to blow.
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    Anyone figure out how to get a cigarette lighter power going?

    Looking to spark up ye olde 1992 Viper audio cassette deck with some less hissy tunes from the iPhone. Have a cassette adapter which works well to connect the audio line out from iPhone to the tapedeck (thus into the car speakers). However, have tried several brands of USB adapters to...
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    Best comment you overheard someone say about your car...

    Coming out of a pub at dusk, lovely new ladyfriend and I pull out of the parking lot. Backing up to get out of lot, had to pass in front of four young fellows who had stepped out of the pub and having a chat. As passed in front and pulled away in the shiny red 1992, with lovely lady in the...
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    Classic vid , 21 years of the Viper...........

    What a nice video (summary: From SRT, well edited and narrated over a lot of less commonly seen VHS era footage of Viper, more skewed on focus of the origins, talks less about Gen2-4.
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    RT/10 Stars in Music Video

    2Pac's is likely the best of the music video features. Bringing up the rear of the pack as far as music ability are (for completeness): L'il Kim's 'In the Air Tonite' Fairly decent screen time to L'il Kim driving a stolen silver Viper through the...
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    Best commercial of the Sperbowl!!!!!!

    Genius marketing. Drop a few mil on the ad time, but get free replays all the next day on the 24 hour news networks as the political spin people examine it. An ad that gets people talking the next day in this day and age is impressive. Plus it is just a great ad, cars are a unique item in our...
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    Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2012 -Vipers on the block-

    Thanks for the update! Anyone know what the other 1992 went for at the sale (72 miles, no famous owner):
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    Car Nickname

    Any new baby should have a name. When mine was delivered (weighing 3,284 pounds, zero ounces, arriving a bit overdue), she didn't have a name for a few days. Finally, it was decided that her name would be 'Vy'. It seemed appropriate for a Viper. As a 1992, she was a bit red when she came...
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    Gen 1 clutch questions

    I agree with the other owners, that sounds like slave.
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    Fall is here... (2 pics)

    Amen to that
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    Hi from Australia!

    Hi nighthawk, if you are considering buying at around the top end of the 5 year range from right now, then you are going to start to near the 25-year-old age of a 1992 Viper, at which point LHD is legal to drive. There are still some brand-new 1992 Vipers floating around (usually called 'MSO')...
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    GEN V at the Detroit Auto Show?

    From the book of Viper, Red Letter edition: "And so at last the beast fell and the unbelievers rejoiced. But all was not lost, for from the ash rose a great serpent, with aggressive styling increased a thousand thousand fold. The serpent gazed down upon the unbelievers and cast fire and...
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    Attaching sport pad bar?

    1992 RT/10 came with hardtop on, and a loose sport bar, with no way to attach bar to frame. I pulled off hardtop, looked up in the parts catalog. There is no parts numbers for the required screws, but does list a size of bolt (technically a screw), and says washers as needed. Went down to...
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    Tire wear on first generation Vipers

    I'll add to the other owners, in advising new tires on the car before you even first drive it. I got a Gen I this summer, and the tires make a world of difference. Makes a ton of ride improvement (not as rough, bouncy or creaky), and safety goes up dramatically. Gen I doesn't have much...
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    Pic of that other famous Viper in Newfoundland

    They have quite a pile of Vipers. A good choice. I didn't notice Danny Jr. in the mix until you pointed it out. Nice catch NSviper: Makes a good match for having a Targa be successful if the leader of the province likes fast cars too...

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