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  1. Andrew/USPWR

    Who needs a Bra?

    I've got a black bra I used on my 2000 GTS back in the day if anyone can use it. I know it's a little old school but great for bugs on long trips. Just pay shipping and it's yours. PS. If I had a 3rd garage I'd still own a Viper after my 2000 GTS and 2005 SRT/10. Fantastic rides and bullet...
  2. Andrew/USPWR

    no more viper (no more sports car for me)

    I know the feeling. Sold mine for a Supercharged Range Rover Sport and never looked back
  3. Andrew/USPWR

    GTS-Rs return to classic Oreca livery

    Thanks cool but the silver is beautiful.
  4. Andrew/USPWR

    My first ride in the Viper!

    Congrats and be safe. It's not a vette and it will get away from you real quick. Seriously take it easy for a year or so and get into some local driving schools. They love the track. Note: 20% of all Viper are wreaked by the owner in the first year of ownersship.
  5. Andrew/USPWR

    viper in the nescafe commercial

    Saw that. That was good:)
  6. Andrew/USPWR

    How tall are you? I barely fit in a G5!!!

    Yep:-/. 6'2" and had to put the 1" lowering kit into my 2000 GTS and the 05 vert:( and the gen V seems as bad or worse. Scary to drive with the headliner blocking the street lights from your lined site.
  7. Andrew/USPWR

    2005 Service Manual for sale.

    Not sure what it's worth but it's the big one from Dodge that's over 2'' think, I see them online for $150-$50. Anyone in need I'm just looking for a fair price but shipping. It's in great shape. Andrew Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but didn't see any in classified's
  8. Andrew/USPWR

    Edmund's Viper and Stingray Review

    Vette's are good cars for anybody that would want to own one. Good for the masses but no comparison to a hand built 1/1000 American true supercar. IMO
  9. Andrew/USPWR

    Took a look at a new Gen V yesterday.

    Seriously:). You must look like Magilla Gorilla.
  10. Andrew/USPWR

    2013 Dodge SRT Viper: A Speed Demon With Too Much Engine

    I couldn't get through the whole article but it sounds like the guy is a little lite in the loafers and loves Prius's.
  11. Andrew/USPWR

    What makes West Texas Beautiful?

    Two great things about America. Texas and Vipers. Nice job.
  12. Andrew/USPWR

    " The new Viper is exotic and curvy, but the glory days are gone at least by sales"

    Re: " The new Viper is exotic and curvy, but the glory days are gone at least by sale Yeah. I think they should have made their Firepower the genV viper but that's me.
  13. Andrew/USPWR

    " The new Viper is exotic and curvy, but the glory days are gone at least by sales"

    Re: " The new Viper is exotic and curvy, but the glory days are gone at least by sale I hate to say it but seeing it for the first time last week and sitting in it, I was surprised how much it looked like the Gen2 GTS. Which I thought was great but didn't make me want to buy it. I'd almost...
  14. Andrew/USPWR

    Took a look at a new Gen V yesterday.

    First thing I noticed as well was the low headliner again. :-/I'm 6'2" 215 and the first thing I had to do to my 2000 GTS and 2005 SRT10 was put in a 1" lowering kit on the drivers seat. The gen V seems worse or equally as bad. I don't get it. I even asked Ralph about that issue when they were...
  15. Andrew/USPWR

    Best gen V combo to date!

    Great color. I'd like it without the stripes though.
  16. Andrew/USPWR

    So much better than expected

    Now these are GREAT shots. Well done. Now I may buy another one.
  17. Andrew/USPWR

    So much better than expected

    Photos never do justice to Vipers. I used to look forward to washing my 2000 steel gray GTS just because every angle looked so beautiful.
  18. Andrew/USPWR

    New Owner/Memver

    Looks beautiful congrats. Keep it stock. IMO all that after market stuff is what goes wrong and it looks....well...after market. again IMO
  19. Andrew/USPWR

    Easy way to lower the seat height in a GenV (with pictures)

    Thanks. That great to hear. At 6'2" a 1" lowering kit for the drivers seat was always the first thing I'd have to buy for a new Viper.
  20. Andrew/USPWR

    Ralph's white SRT Viper GTS in Indy

    Not a fan of the white or black wheels. Call me old fashion.
  21. Andrew/USPWR

    How long until you until comfortable with your GTS

    I read once that 30% of all Vipers are wreaked in the first year of ownership. Better safe than sorry. I also think you may put more value in the 2000Viper than the 2011 V6 camero and therefore push it a little harder. Drive with an experienced GTS owner around the track and you will see how...
  22. Andrew/USPWR

    Ralph "needs a raise" Thread.

    Yeah, whatever he's making it's not enough:)

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