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    Just cleaned.

    I've always thought about getting my car professionally detailed one of these days. I do what I can to spruce it up from time to time, but I know my paint could use some more love than just the typical wash and occasional wax I give it. Would be interesting to see how different it might look...
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    should I go for '93 gen 1

    Ah, okay. I see what you're getting at. Overall pretty much all Vipers were very well built and have lasted a long time without much for major issues. That being said, the ones I hear about the most on the early cars are the paper head gaskets weeping over time and the power steering pulley...
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    should I go for '93 gen 1

    The gen 1 market is strange to me. I would have expected it to have gone up more than it has considering it was the "original" Viper. The gen 2 market seems to have outpaced it more though. The coupe tends to be more popular and the racing heritage that started with it certainly helps that...
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    Gen 3 vs 4 blocks and cranks

    The 04 crank doesn't have the tone notches machined in. Not sure if they could be added or not, but even if it could I'm not sure how practical that might be.
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    WTB- 3D Viper GTS wall art

    Very cool! Shame the Viper memorabilia didn't really keep up through the later generations. They had some really neat stuff back in the early days.
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    high beam switch problem

    Just confirmed my high beams were on, so thinking I must have bumped the switch when I was pulling it out or putting it back in. As long as the assembly goes together the way you took it apart I think you should be good.
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    high beam switch problem

    You probably could do some tape or other glue, as long as it sticks for you. I ended up with the resin just because I had a hard time getting anything else to work. I think tape would probably wear through fairly quickly though. As for your piece being different, I'll have to give mine a try...
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    high beam switch problem

    If your switch is anything like mine was, there will be a small groove worn into the opposite face of the lever where there is a little concave dish that the post from the turn signal stalk rides on. I exaggerated it a little bit on the second image, but I drew a line that shows where the...
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    high beam switch problem

    With the top layer removed you should start to see the various moving parts inside the MFS that make the magic happen. As a side note here, the passenger side of the swtich actually doesn't need to come apart. It's more or less a self contained unit to run the wipers and has a separate...
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    high beam switch problem

    Not sure if this will all fit in one post, so likely going to be a couple to get all the pictures. First step is obviously to remove the MFS from the column (I don't have any pictures of this step). It's pretty straightforward and easy. There are two phillips screws on the bottom of the...
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    DRB III Reverse Engineering Project

    Yeah, that was the ideal setup I was going for originally. I sort of cobbled one together by just splitting the connection between the DRB and the junction box and running that into a separate computer. Probably not the best idea ever, but it worked well enough to see the commands being sent...
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    high beam switch problem

    Now I wish I took pictures all those years ago, lol. I'll see about pulling my MFS out to take some photos and better explain the fix I did.
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    Cleaning my Sidewinder hyper black rims

    I was always really tempted to do a black chrome setup on something, but not sure it would look as good on my car. I've just grown accustomed to the standard look on mine. Yours look awesome though!
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    Headlight Lens

    I know some people have done it on the gen 3+ headlights, but don't recall seeing it done on the earlier ones. That being said I have a hard time believing they'd be any different.
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    Purge Harness Needed But Mopar Mixed up the Number

    Where is your hose broken? For what it's worth, mine snapped right near the valve because I forgot to unclip it from the strut tower brace before I removed it when I was doing some work on my engine years ago. I just put some rubber hose on it with some clamps to bridge the break and I've...
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    DRB III Reverse Engineering Project

    Depends where you are measuring them. Out of the sensor itself they are 5V, but out of the splitter box they are 12V. There is an RS232 converter chip in the splitter box though, which is what accounts for the change. So you can talk to the sensors directly via something like an Arduino or...
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    DRB III Reverse Engineering Project

    Definitely a more elegant solution than what I put together, but also pretty pricy for my little DIY project. I looked at trying to build a logic analyzer with something like a Raspberry Pi, but the main issue with that is just the voltage level limitations of the Pi. You could do a level...
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    WTB- 3D Viper GTS wall art

    Anyone have a picture of one of these? I'm just really curious what they actually look like now after hearing about them.
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    *** Lockout

    I had heard rumors that it sounded like the same problems that happened here several years ago were just repeating themselves there, but they were just that, rumors. Regardless we're happy to offer what we can here. Generally speaking I think the Viper landscape is just kind of difficult in...
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    Driver window

    I believe the wire colors should be white, pink, orange with a dark blue stripe, light blue, and black (if I remember the coding the manual uses). I think three of those wires are only for the hall sensor though (the three smaller gauge ones of pink, orange, and black). I'm thinking the motor...
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    2008 Vert Differntial Issue?

    Does it do it all the time regardless of outside temperature or component temperature? I know mine will make some pretty gnarly crunching noises when it's super cold outside and I'm navigating parking lots or something like that for instance, but it will go away pretty quickly once I've gone...
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    Clutch Pedal Linkage Just Broke

    The "birdcage" clip is notorious for failing (mine did). Chrysler used 2 different clutch attaching clips during Viper production. The good one is the metal clip and nylon bushing: Good to know, thanks! I'll have to check mine out one of these days with all the miles I've got on my car.
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    Best clutch brand?

    For a stock application it's typically hard to beat the stock parts for value. I put an LUK back in my gen 3 when I changed mine a few years back and have been happy enough. I've since bumped up my power level a bit more with a cam, but it seems to hold it fine. If you're going crazy with...
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    Sketchy freeway driving

    Tracking with ruts on the freeway is pretty much par for the course with any Viper. The wide tires have a lot to do with that from what I understand, but the vague steering does sound like an issue. Alignments can do a lot to make a car feel different as well. Doesn't take much to make a car...
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    Dashboard removal gen 3

    I did a big write-up on it down in the gen 3/4 forums a while back when I was trying to get at my HVAC servos: The windshield can stay in. Actually pretty straightforward to remove, just several plugs to...