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    Dehumidifier settings for the garage???

    Side note.... don't turn the dehumidifier on continuous run and connect it to a drain hose. Use the bucket and only use the dehumidifier when you need to.
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    Esquire Magazine

    Well played shine. Hopefully they will add some nice pictures and info on the Viper in the future. Making believers out of people, one snake bite at a time.
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    Considering a Viper, is it for me?

    This. The car is an absolute blast. And if you're only driving it in nice weather you don't have to worry about the top and windows. I only put mine on for a road trip. I've been caught in the rain multiple times. The car didn't melt, and the fun I had on the road trips where it rained were...
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    2006 Viper Coupe First Edition FS #133

    Ahh gotcha. I finally saw one in person sunday but they were driving up to the show as I was leaving so I didn't get to see it up close. Send me pics once you get it!
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    New Owner.. Truly my dream come true!

    Congrats and Welcome!!
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    2006 Viper Coupe First Edition FS #133

    For sale Mike?! Good luck. I have seen this car in person, it's beautiful.
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    VOI9 there a registry

    Thanks for the pic Blockbuster. Any more pics of the car? Or more importantly, any more of the scenery at said car show?? :D
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    Viper Saga...part deux

    Pictures please!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drive: This sounds awesome!
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    VOI9 there a registry

    Beautiful!! And rare to have both the Mopar package and be a Vegas delivery car..... and of course the Paxton :D Last summer I rode in a Paxton Gen 3.... it was awesome!
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    VOI9 there a registry

    Congrats on the purchase StoleIt!!!! Post some pictures!!
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    VOI9 there a registry

    Thanks Brian!!!! :2tu:
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    VOI9 there a registry

    Congrats on the purchase Brian!!!! That car is beautiful. And another Prefix car identified for the database :D
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    Calling all sapphire bules

    Kurt I am loving those first 2. Well done!
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    Hocking Hills Ohio cruise

    Yes you do!! Mark your calendar right now for the first weekend in June 2014. I'm dragging you (kicking and screaming if I have to) down to Tennessee with us for the Tail of the Dragon trip.
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    Hocking Hills Ohio cruise

    Awesome!! I need to meet this guy! Now we need a picture with 3 license plates together. Mine, his, and Tim's. It's going to be fantastic.
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    Hocking Hills Ohio cruise

    Does that license plate on the b/w GTS say what I think it says????
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    Milestone - Gen II GTS

    Well done!!!! :2tu: My goal is to get there as well. 44k and climbing :D
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    The one thing I absolutely love about my Viper...

    I love not having door handles. The looks on people's faces when you tell them the car doesn't have any are great.
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    pics from my long vacation

    Great pictures!! Have fun and travel safe :2tu:
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    How many Shadow Blue Pearl 2013 SRTs are there?

    There is a Shadow Blue Pearl / Silver at our dealer here. It is a GTS. Beautiful car.
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    My 2013 GTS by Prefix...a work in progress (pics)

    That is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the final pics :2tu:
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    My 1995 Viper

    Congrats and WELCOME!! :2tu: You have great taste in Vipers :headbang:
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    Looking for a '98 GT2 for a Concours event

    :D Thanks Any GT2's down south towards you??
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    Post up the best pic of your Gen V!

    Looks good! I'm working on logos for the walls of my new garage, hopefully they will turn out as good as yours.

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