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    How to change battery in Early 1993, 1992 Viper?

    I do have an early 93. The Die-Hard should work fine and I'm not attached to any particular brand. Yeah, the battery tender won't save a bad battery, but will prolong the life of your new one. Spike
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    How to change battery in Early 1993, 1992 Viper?

    My most recent battery purchase for my 1993 was an AC Delco battery. The part number is 78-7YR, but the limitation is that it needs to be a side terminal battery. With the panel covering the battery, there really isn't room to fit a top terminal without cutting the top terminals (I don't think...
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    How to change battery in Early 1993, 1992 Viper?

    I think the battery location was changed to make room for the rear exhaust. I remember some European countries required exhausts routed to the rear instead of side, and the battery was in the way. It is really easy to change out the battery. Spike
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    New owner w/ strange Q: what happened to my dash?

    I don't know the history of your particular car, but your dash appears to have been painted over the original "soft-touch" paint that was on our Gen 1 cars. To have been done correctly, the original paint should have been stripped off to the bare plastic and then repainted. Unfortunately, the...
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    Side Sill Anti-Chip Applique (Gen 1)

    Thanks for the replies. I know I could order them from Chuck T, but they are approx $50 per piece, and I would need six pieces. For the price of one OEM, I could order a large amount of 3m material and cut all six pieces, if I had the right shapes. Spike
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    Side Sill Anti-Chip Applique (Gen 1)

    I am going to have my side sills repainted, and will need to have the anti-chip appliques put on afterwards. Does anyone have the exact shapes that I could use to cut the pieces from 3m clear-bra material? Also, has anyone had experience with any specific type of clear material that would best...
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    new viperhaulic / broket rivets

    Congrats on your Gen 1. I believe you are talking about the rivets in the side sills. If so, they corrode/break due to the expansion/contraction of the sills themselves. I don't think they will cause you any problems if they are missing, but the sills remove fairly easily. Just don't...
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    Help With Installing stock CD Changer In Trunk

    Laurie, I installed the factory CD changer about two years ago, so forgive me if I've forgotten some of the details. First off, placement of the CD changer itself. This is actually the easy part. I think the instructions talk about mounting it vertically between the frame side and spare...
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    Gen 1 Dashboard repair/replacement

    It had to happen sooner or later. Some of the "soft touch" grey paint on my '93 dash got scratched off and now I am faced with the dilemma of repairing or replacing the dash/console/door handle surrounds. I have heard that this paint is very difficult to obtain or costly. My question is, what...

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