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    WTB- 3D Viper GTS wall art

    Here are two photos, one with the internal light off and one with it on. Again - really cool piece of viperabilia.
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    WTB- 3D Viper GTS wall art

    I'm out of town but I'll try to post a photo when I get back. The original photo used was the cutaway photo from the 1996 Dodge Viper brochure. That was made into a 3D plastic wall hanging with backlight.
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    WTB- 3D Viper GTS wall art

    I've got one of those (not for sale). Probably the neatest piece of Viper "memorabilia" that I own. Hope you're able to find one!
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    Fitted Cover for Gen 2 GTS Wanted

    I purchased the fitted plushweave from California Car Cover almost 8 years ago and it's still in great shape and has been an outstanding indoor cover.
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    Gen 1 Seats

    Tony Venzano did my seats years ago - you'll be very happy with his work.
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    PLEASE HELP, Need answers.. new accident victom.

    You never have to accept what an insurance company offers you for repairs to your vehicle. That is negotiable. All the above advice is very helpful and I'd argue from the start the diminished value in addition to ensuring the car is repaired to your satisfaction. The insurance company can't...
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    question of viper value 1996

    I know a lot of folks say these cars will be special from a colletor's perspective. I agree with you, if that day ever comes it will be in the distant future and there are a lot better investments if that is what you're after. I have a '97 that I'm selling and I've listed it
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    1996 GTS door keeps popping open, and slow window roll down

    Both windows on my '97 are painfully slow as well. I assume it's either the motor or something that needs lubricated in the mechanism. I'd also appreciate any insight before I start taking things apart.
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    First Viper buying questions

    If it was tracked without the 998 recall I would most definitely have it inspected by someone very knowledgeable in Gen II's, preferably by a certified Viper technician. The 998 recall can still be done by a qualified Viper technician. The challenge may be finding the parts but if Dodge still...
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    1996 GTS on E-Bay with only 3,800 Miles, $59.9K, Good Deal?

    Here is an article from Hagerty on the Gen II Viper. Speaking of the '96 B/W GTS, and I quote, "You’ll pay $65,000–$71,000 for a concours-quality GTS coupe..." Very nice article for someone considering purchasing a Gen II Viper...
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    1996 GTS on E-Bay with only 3,800 Miles, $59.9K, Good Deal?

    Buyer actually paid $55K with the buyer's premium and as shown on the BJ site. This car has been heavily modded which appeals to some and not to others. I agree it looks like a good buy and I'm sure the buyer is very happy.
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    1996 GTS on E-Bay with only 3,800 Miles, $59.9K, Good Deal?

    Why do people constantly want to tell other people how much a Viper they don't own and don't ever plan to own is NOT worth? Cognitive dissonance perhaps? The car sold so yes, this car was worth $59K.
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    1996 GTS on E-Bay with only 3,800 Miles, $59.9K, Good Deal?

    You could still get the 998 recall done if the owner really wanted to. However, it would seem a bit strange to purchase a 23 year old car with ~4000 miles to drive hard enough that you needed the 998 recall. I'd expect it will be put into someone's private collection. The price sure seems...
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    worried about fuel/oil issues developing

    You might try to find race gas vs. av gas as an alternative to high-octane non-ethanol gas. It will be stable for a bit longer than regular gas - even if you decided to add a fuel stabilizer. VP makes a leaded and unleaded version for vintage cars. They have a large variety of other fuels...
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    IVR Update

    The end to civility. It was a welcomed respite but alas it is over.
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    Selling my '94

    RK Motors is asking $49,900 for this car. Huge difference between what they are asking and the e-bay bidders (not that e-bay is a good proxy).
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    Gen ii spun bearing !!!

    I think PatentLaw's comments were very appropriate in the other thread(s). IF a modification was made to the car that explicitly voids the warranty then Dodge is certainly within their right to deny the initial claim. To be clear, I am not passing judgement on the situation knowing that we are...
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    Gen ii spun bearing !!!

    I believe the OP is trying to have a bit of fun here. This story has every appearance of being a parody of a thread on another site.
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    I am not going to cite names but a number of leadership on the page detailing the National Officers were also officers when the VOI that resulted in the lawsuit was planned/confirmed. Maybe that page is not correct and needs to be updated to remove...
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    Searching for some info! Help please!

    The poker set did not come from any poker tournament. As Mopar Steve noted, it was a giveaway for attendees at the Viper Owners Invitational held in Las Vegas in 2006. VOI was a gathering for Viper owners and the giveaways were typically themed to the location of the event. In this case Las...
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    Found something interesting on CL yesterday.

    Poof, and there go two more...
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    Found something interesting on CL yesterday.

    Wow, posts are being deleted faster than I can even read them.:nono:
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    Lookin' For a Brand-New '96 GTS Coupe?

    '96 GTS is certainly a special car. Prices for low mileage examples will always be special as well.
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    Club is here two stay II

    Best of success to the those working to ensure the club continues to meet the needs of the members.

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