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    A guy named SNAKEBYT did it I think. He converted an RT to a GTS. It looked amazing. Its done in a lime green.
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    opinions ; 97 gts 110k miles

    If you really want it, Take it to a viper tech and have a PPE done, if it all checks out, go for it. I wouldnt worry about the mileage, You can always upgrade it with the money you have saved :) Good luck
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    Viper GTS-B????

    There was a thread on this a while back. A guy on here had one that was his fathers. I think the story was something along the lines of they took it to the same shop to get worked on for the life of the car. Then the son of the shop owner took over the shop and smashed it up. I remember there...
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    Potential New Owner

    Oh, and its nothing like you have ever driven. Its pure bliss and can be a pure race car on the streets. It will have some downsides, If you truly love the car you will look past all of its flaws and look at it for what it truly is, a wonderful driving experience. Good luck with purchase. I...
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    Potential New Owner

    I agree with Dan. Having owned a 94 RT/10 and a 01 GTS, I would say the 94 was more comfortable. I drove my 94 from Houston to West Virginia and back. No issues. It was a wonderful experience. And when I tried, I got EXCELLENT mileage on the highway, 21-28mpg. But there is no fun in mpgs. If...
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    Why do viper owners tend to keep miles so low?

    I absolutely loved driving both of the Vipers I have owned. I bought my RT/10 with 14k, one year later it was at 21k. My GTS had 16k 6 months later almost 19k. Both have been my daily drivers, you should see the looks I get when I tell other people that. But its true. I get groceries, go to...
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    The Ultimum NA Gen 2

    What are you going to ask for it? I got a buddy looking?
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    Dyno - '08 With Corsa Cat Back

    That looks like an awesome gathering. Glad to see people going to charity events, plus you put down some good numbers too.
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    My Gen 2 with Gen 5 wheels

    That looks awesome!!!! Great choice.
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    Prototype top and spoiler

    That looks killer. Any idea if there will be anything to accent the front of the car? How is the one for the GTS going? Any updates for that or is it just on paper still? BTW some pics would be awesome. And any of the old autoform cars in the background would be awesome as well
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    Just took a few pictures of my car

    Awesome great color combo, you just need stripes :D
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    Any experience out there selling a high mileage viper?

    What all else will comes with the car? Hardtop/soft top, any other mods? In my opinion as the car stands, High 20's is too low with your mods. Despite your mileage you should ask for mid 30's. Plus there have been few RT's on the market lately, I was looking a few months ago.
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    RT10 hardtop market

    THATS FRIGGIN AWESOME, let me know when some further development comes out on the GTS spoiler. I already have a buyer for the top and spoiler for the RT as well. :2tu:
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    RT10 hardtop market

    Do you think they will make a spoiler like this to add to the GTS as well?
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    Two DIY freebies :)

    Where did you get that bolt for the shifter?
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    How many SRT-10 TA clones will we see now(GTS guys)?

    I would go for the Aero kit :) But I would never put that color on my GTS.
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    2001 RSI Unlimited Bumble Bee

    Yeah, I think its the original tune from the early 2000's and it needs update.
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    2001 RSI Unlimited Bumble Bee

    So I stopped by KP racing in Houston yesterday and had the Bee looked over by Joe, he worked for RSI in the early days and had a hand in building the car. We put the Bee on their Mustang Dyno and the results are........
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    Gen 1 Power Adders VS NA power

    An RSI TT kit would be awesome, but I think it might take even more money to retro fit the system to Gen 1 from Gen 2. Unfortunately I think we might just be down to a Paxton or N/A. There is a handful of other shops around town I am going to make some calls next week to see what I can come up...
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    Gen 1 Power Adders VS NA power

    IEATVETS, Do you have any pictures of your Paxton set up? We live in Texas so we are concerned about heat soak on track days or spirited drives. Do you experience a large drop in power after a while behind the wheel?
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    Gen 1 Power Adders VS NA power

    Trusted. I guess that leaves it with 4 options, Paxton, Roe, Kenne belle (if it can be done), and NA..
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    Gen 1 Power Adders VS NA power

    Andy, Your car is actually what got his hopes up. If we could get a TT kit and install it ourselves I'm sure we would be capable. But the tuning aspect of things is where I have no knowledge or experience and that's where we would be lost. He would prefer not to go paxton if it was possible but...
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    Gen 1 Power Adders VS NA power

    Looking for tuners thoughts, I have a buddy looking to make 600rwhp on a 94 Viper. He has about a 10k budget. Right now the car only has a full exhaust system, belanger headers-back. He was looking into anything that will get him there. within his budget. NOS: He wants no part of...
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    On the track

    Those pictures are awesome! They definitely look at home on the track. :2tu:

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