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    Door popper, keep it or cut it?

    I ended up cutting it... seemed like the cylinders were locked up on it
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    Gen1 Fuel Level Sensor

    I'll get with you later on this week about one... would be nice to have a spare
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    New viper owner

    Hey guys... don't really have a wuesti9n. New to vipers but I've been a fan most of my and know my way around cars pretty well, anyway here is my 95. Just bought it a few months ago. Has a reconstructed title but it was from a theft recovery at a chop shop so no accidents. I've been told the...
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    Gen1 Fuel Level Sensor

    Any left?
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    Door popper, keep it or cut it?

    Hey fellas.. 1st post but a thread on here was very helpful in getting me out of a bind with a stuck door. Anyway my door jammed shut because I was playing with my door popper (it never really worked) bit it binded up with my lock and wouldn't allow the door on my 95 to open. Now my popper...

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