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  1. OXIA

    Viper meet at the Orlando Air & Space show, October 16, 2021

    John, count me and my wife Katerina (or my son George) IN Stefanos :thankyou:
  2. OXIA

    Viper Cruise and Drive In Movie Night, March 27 2021

    I just hope we will be watching a B movie about Hot-Rodding :popcorn:
  3. OXIA

    Viper Cruise and Drive In Movie Night, March 27 2021

    I will be sure to join you guys with my ACR and also register a V10 brethren with a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT which I am certain will be met with unanimous acceptance
  4. OXIA

    The Viper Search

    Found mine in OHIO then shipped it to FLORIDA You almost have to state hop if you are particular unless you just get lucky Maybe some of the VCA guys here can point you to a good lead and be sure to check out the classifieds on the forum All the searches I did for mine were nationwide, there are...
  5. OXIA

    WTB: 08-10 Viper ACR

    Gen IV ACRs are fast becoming unobtanium especially the 2010s which have the desirable Nurburgring gear ratios and short shifter Recent listings on eBay ranged from high 70s to high 80s topping out in the low to mid 100s at venues like the Viper Exchange and Barrett Jackson were the auction...
  6. OXIA

    Switched Insurance

    State Farm stand to lose much more than my Viper policy if they start playing games and my agent knows this Like 2002-GTS-FINAL-ED I too have leverage ! Hagerty tried to pull a fast one on me with some "supercar" scalping and then took three months to issue the refund on my policy
  7. OXIA

    Switched Insurance

    State Farm gave me agreed valuation classic car insurance in January when my 2010 ACR became eligible and were substantially less expensive than the boys from HAGERTY
  8. OXIA

    Belanger Exhaust

    That's a cool touring accessory no doubt but only good for muffling a rear exit exhaust
  9. OXIA

    Extra wire

    It's a "mirror tap" Now all you need is a Blend Mount for a factory like radar detector set-up I got this on my ACR and it's the ultimate clean look
  10. OXIA

    Belanger Exhaust

    What is anti-drone technology, please elaborate as I'm not familiar Also when you refer to the smaller cats being cooler you mean running cooler or looking ? Is Gen IV Belanger same as for Gen III Thanks

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