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    Door stanchion bowed out

    Bill, sorry for the delay. Just saw your PM and hit you back. Feel free to call, PM or find me on the VOA forums
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    Door stanchion bowed out

    Should be an easy fix once you loosen up the stanchion and replace/reposition it. Look up my thread on the HOW TO if you havent done it before. Strange that happened? Maybe messing with the door just flex it some?
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    Cats no Cats

    No cats. Just remember that you will have a little extra "grime" on the rear end. A simple application of Scratch-X/quick wax of the area every other wash takes care of the problem. D
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    Preserving Rubber Seals

    303 is one of the best liquids ever made. Just behind beer and Mountain Dew.
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    New Owner.. Truly my dream come true!

    Congrats and enjoy the project
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    Avoiding emissions testing...Leasing Company?

    Do you have any family/friends in a nearby PA county (that does not require emissions) where you could register it? Keep it as simple as possible if you really need to avoid the testing.
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    96 GTS not starting -- any ideas?

    battery. Replace and enjoy
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    Its worth saving, help john help you

    WTH is going on around here lately? Im pretty sure ppl are losing their minds over this. I have an idea, turn off the pc and go outside and play catch with your kid. This is why we cant have nice things.
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    Back into a Viper Again

    Congrats. Looks good
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    Where does the Il chapter stand on the recent VCA implosion?

    New email should be in all of our inboxes. I just read it and 100% support this new direction.
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    Starting Issue: Looking for some starting places plz

    So, here's a new one. I was on my way to pickup a fuel pressure guage and decided to hop in the Viper to re-check the starting symptoms. Just for the heck of it I did the throttle position re-learn trick (key on, gas down) and started her and , you guessed it, she fired right up without issue...
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    Starting Issue: Looking for some starting places plz

    Thanks for the ideas, am trying to work up the motivation to face the unknown still.
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    New battery time. Questions...

    Diehard Advanced Gold AGM. Group size 78. Model #50778. Always well recommended and what I chose to replace my old Optima with. Size 78 fit PERFECT in my 96gts, but I have heard that others have had to go to a size 75
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    Starting Issue: Looking for some starting places plz

    Ok, here we go. 1)Battery died for KNOWN reasons while getting gas at a BP--->Jumped, taken home and replaced w/ new Diehard Gold. Started/idled for about 15 min w/o issue. 2) First drive under load after replacing battery. Got about 2 minutes down the road and the car just died, I...
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    R and J Distributors? re: custom viper emblems

    HORRIBLE customer service but great product (Chrome emblems). If I ever needed more would place an order early, but do so without issue.
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    Man cave almost complete.

    Looks good, never seen that before
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    New Member ~ RED GTS (Twin Supercharged)

    Congrats on crossing one off the list. Welcome to the site.
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    Want to show off my new toy, well a little over a week old.

    Welcome to the VCA and congrats on the car. Nothing beats a B/W!
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    GTS Cover

    As mentioned earlier, I have the free-standing Carcoon "Veloce" and LOVE it. Has paid for itself over and over again. I have to do a full out wash about 2-3x a year, and I enter carshows regularly.
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    Finally, the dream came true!

    Congrats on the car. Have fun and enjoy the ride of Viper ownership
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    opinions ; 97 gts 110k miles

    Here's a checklist of things to look for that may help: Good luck and have fun!
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    Fingerprints all over my car..

    +1 again for a great story.
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    New Gen ll Top Installed

    I really like it, turned out real nice.
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    New Owner

    Congrats on the 96, best year out there. I have Belanger and love it. Good luck with the mods and feel free if you have any questions about the car. Mark