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    2013 OEM Viper Wheels Now IN STOCK! BBS and many more too...

    Frank Barba, read the answer above, quoted for simplicity: "As you are not a VCA member, probably not. To our knowledge they are not a Mopar dealer so we don't know (or care) where they buy from or what their margins might be. We do offer a great price to VCA members, especially if you have the...
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    3 day Cruise to Mexico October 4 - 7, 2013

    Hey folks, Here is the updated information: - Our special reservation block has ended, but Staterooms are still available under open booking. - Prices will continue to change as availability diminishes. We have 20 club members that have signed up for this cruise. As Venomiss stated above...
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    3 day Cruise to Mexico October 4 - 7, 2013

    I wonder if we get enough members to sign up if Princess will rename the ship Stryker for the week?
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    New member with a slight issue with windows

    Welcome to SoCal Magnus! Where did you move from? Check out to get the most current information on our events, send me an email, art at, and I will set you up with an account on our forum.
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    Looking to be someone's guest

    ITV and GTSR, Are you guys trying to get a ride to VOI or need to register as someone's guest? I ask because several SoCal guys are coming to VOI solo, but we are not bringing our cars. We would be able to register you as our guests. Please clarify for me. Thanks, Art
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    Mojave Mile

    Hey Asp Man, There will be a few people from So Cal. Hope you can make it.
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    VOI Registration $?

    Excellent points Paul and Hyper Viper!
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    Future Viper Owner (neighbors kid)

    Very cool Ron.
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    New Member Intro

    Hey Leo, Welcome aboard! Your car looks pretty sweet!
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    Heads up: Possible Scam

    If you folks are looking to kill some time checkout the website below: It strikes back against the scammers and forces them to pay money and in some cases inflict damage to themselves, like this one, made the scammer get a tattoo that says "Baited by Shiver"...
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    The Viper Room

    Nice Leo! You should come out and join us at DC Performance on the 14th, full details here: It's a great event to find out how much HP your Viperhas and will give you a chance to shoot the breeze with other Viper owners! Hope to see you...
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    Looking for some 18" track wheels

    Hey Steve, I have a 18" set of 1 piece Comp SSR wheels in black. Very light wheels I was running Kumhos V700s 305 up front and 335 in the rear. Wheels very light and are in excellent shape, with the exception of 1 of the front wheels that has a few nicks from my 1 time going off track. Let me...
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    New Viper owner to So. Ca.

    Hey Gary, Welcome to the club! I'm the membership director for SoCal, I sent you out a welcome package last week, have you received it? Shoot me an email at [email protected] with your desired username and I'll set you up on the SoCal viper forum. Where is your car coming from? You will love...
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    Why Is The Viper Getting No Respect??

    Good one gb66gth! Go Rangers!
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    Looking for a 2002 GTS ACR Graphite Color

    I want first dibs Lance!
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    Six Magazine's Huh?

    I read this whole thread and I can't figure out what the big deal is for ITV to be able to come into the Members Only section, doesn't take away from my enjoyment or ownership experience. I don't know ITV personally, but know from reading his posts he's very passionate about all things Viper...
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    Can someone run a carfax for me?

    Members get them for $10, just one of the great benefits of being a member.
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    I am thinking of selling my 2010 Graphite Viper ACR

    What are you asking for the VOI9 coupe? Awesome collection you have!
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    I'm finally an owner!

    Welcome Jay! Beautiful cars!
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    Black & blue Viper garage man cave

    Looks great...congratulations!
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    2005 SRT10 Convertable Sold for 54K

    Hey JohnnyViper, Just busting your you know what, but you misspelled "spelled".
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    itchin' for another you know what....

    Hey Andy, I think you should try to work your magic on a vert next, I know where you can get a blue 06.
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    Just moved to San Diego

    You can professional pictures taken of your Viper this Sunday, 1/23. Check the following link for full details: Photo Shoot January 23, 2011