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    Experience on door sag/hang up on GTS

    That would have worked in my case. Did not think of trying to lower the actual weatherstripping down in that way. Thought door panel warped over time to cause the issue
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    Experience on door sag/hang up on GTS

    Can confirm the door seal issue. On mine the door seal would catch the door panel when door is aligned correctly. I thought maybe the warping of the panel caused clearance issue
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    1993 Gen 1 good news.

    There is no point on hanging on if it empies a wallet unless it brings enjoyment
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    Power window switches?

    Switches can be taken apart and cleaned. Cured a non working switch on my 02 gts
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    Metal clips for Gen 2 air filter box

    Part number 25043286
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    Metal clips for Gen 2 air filter box

    Should be able to find with a quick search. It is a same common clip as used in gm vehicles in mid 2000s
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    Thinking of Selling my 02 GTS, Looking for Advice

    I ended up selling my 02 gts for around 37k for a relatively fast sale. 46k miles, clean title.
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    2002 center console removal

    The cables can be disconnected at the calipers relatively easy. Spring pressure keeps them from coming disconnected.
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    2002 center console removal

    What about loosening the hand brake mechanism at the calipers?
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    2002 center console removal

    Looked at my pictures from couple of months ago and hand brake handle stays in place. Boot came off with the center cover. Bezel came off first, then I think it just lifted off on mine.
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    Spark Plugs that were in car shorter than factory, what to use?

    I tried posting something on that forum and been banned the moment registration was completed
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    Anyone know where this hose goes?

    There is a sticker towards the front on driver side under the hood that shows line routing.
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    Anyone know where this hose goes?

    Looks like it goes to that broken t fitting right above it
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    looking for a steering rack

    I should have just sent it off from the beginning, but currently trying to see if the dakota rack really has the same housing.
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    There Is a person on one of other forums that has a steering rack
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    looking for a steering rack

    Having issues with my steering rack on the 02 gts. Need to get a different one to work with. Don't need the inner tie rods. Really want to get back on the road and wanted to see if someone might have one for sale at reasonable cost.
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    What to insure car to?

    Dealer in TX asking 69k for final edition acr with 3k miles. My regular 02 gts insured for 38k. Edit: the posting referenced was a year or two old. Seen one auctioned at 110ish k. Probably a large variation in pricing on those if right buyer is found.
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    Transmission Help Please - 1999 RT/10

    Core is a core as long as it all have not left the case. Put it together and use as a core. Gears are replaceable.
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    Most things if rebuildable have to be rebuilt. Other things only available used. My solstice is in similar situation with body and interior parts. I bought gen 2 over the newer gen because I like the gen2 better.(compared to gen3)
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    date on the block

    Was under the car and trying to find out about a date written on the block. Wondering if it is factory or if this is likely a replacement motor. Car is 02 model.
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    Motor Mounts - Where to buy

    I did not think there was actual difference. Have not had to do my mounts yet.
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    Motor Mounts - Where to buy

    Alsoe roe has more expensive set
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    Motor Mounts - Where to buy

    I thought they were same as the trucks and looks like they are according to this:
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    Motor Mounts - Where to buy

    Have not tried these, but people seem to be buying them(Way more than the stock mount cost):