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    Gen 3 Interior Top of Door Trim Failure

    I would be in to purchase two, one for each door. Let me know if you do make them. It would be a great selling item for you.
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    Gen1 Fuel Level Sensor

    Hi there, I would be interested in purchasing two with the gaskets, if still available. I would like to purchase two of the fuel sensor with gaskets for $120 each, my email is [email protected]. I do have a pay pal account. My Viper is a 1995 Gen 1 and my cell phone number is 815-245-6451. I am...
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    How to jump start a Gen 1 Viper?

    My 1995 Viper is dead. I did have a battery tender on it, but I have it in storage without an electrical outlet this year. I know that the battery is behind one of the back tires, but where is the jump area in the engine bay. Can anyone tell me where to hook up the cables or is there a...
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    Best way to store 1995 Viper

    This year I will have to store my viper in a storage facility that does not allow me to hook up my battery tender. I know that the battery will die really fast. Any suggestions on what to do. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thank you, John
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    EBC Green Users on SRT-10's- please read

    Re: EBC Green Users on SRT-10\'s- please read I have put them on my 2003 SRT-10 and was wondering if the squeaking was going to stop. I have about 150 miles on them. It seems that a lot of people have had the same problem. They squeak every time the brakes are applied for about the first...
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    Is there a seat elevating kit?

    I knew that this thread was going to get some responses. I too can appreciate alittle humor. 5'8" would be great, unfortunately 5'5" is going to have to do it for me this lifetime.
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    Is there a seat elevating kit?

    It seems that I sit lower in the 2003 SRT-10 than my 1995 RT/10. Does anyone know if there is any kits that will elevate the seat about an inch. I think I would feel alittle more comfortable that way, but still the seats are much more comfortable than the 1995's. John
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    Low Oil Temperature Gauge

    The oil temperature guage is not moving at all. Is there a wire lose? If so, does anyone know where I should look for it. The car seems to be running without any problems, but I am afraid I will cause damage if there is a problem. Has anyone had this happen to them. The light to signify a...
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    Reproduction Vehicle Stickers

    Does anyone know the best place to purchase a reproduction vehicle sticker. I purchased one off ebay that really doesn't look good and am looking for the most authentic looking sticker out there. I just purchased a 2003 SRT-10, but the seller did not have the original vehicle sticker. Thanks...
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    ?Heffner Headers/Exhaust for SRT-10?

    Could someone give me feedback on the Heffner Header/Exhaust system. I am thinking of going with that system, for a 2003 SRT-10, over the B&B or Belanger system. I would like a sound that is louder than stock, but would also want to be able to talk on the phone is necessary. Does anyone...
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    Need help....what is it worth???

    South Holland Dodge in Illinois has a New 2003 Red SRT-10 with 20 miles in the showroom for $69,000.00, but you could probably get it for $67,000.00 + taxes. John
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    Any difference '03-'04 SRT-10 - looking to buy '03-'04 RED SRT-10?

    Any difference \'03-\'04 SRT-10 - looking to buy \'03-\'04 RED SRT-10? I would like to know if there is any differences between the 2003 or 2004 SRT-10's. I was looking to purchase a low mileage 2003-2004 RED SRT-10 but did not know if the only real difference is the price and year. Any input...
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    Where can I purchase a RT/10 Hardtop Storage Stand?

    Looking for a storage stand for my 1995 Mopar RT/10 hardtop. If anyone knows where to purchase these stands please let me know. Thanks, John
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    Front Hood gap questions-in Chicagoland

    My car has approx. 1.25-1.5" inch gap on each side in front of the hood where it meets the front fascia. I had a new hood put on and it is gapping too much for my liking. I took it to the dodge dealership in McHenry and their viper tech did not know how to adjust the hood. Is there someone in...
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    Looking for viper crash pictures web sites

    I am trying to get a bunch of pictures for my up coming talk on excessive speed and the catastrophic consequences of such action on public streets. I am an emergency room physician and I am doing a public safety presentation, and that is why I am looking for those pictures. It is not that I am...
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    Looking for viper crash pictures web sites

    I had seen a few sites listed before, but can not find them now. Would anyone know of these web sites please respond. Thanks
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    Brake upgrade differences?

    I am considering upgrading my brakes (1995 RT/10 with 17" speedline wheels) and would to know which brake system would you recommend and where to find it at the best price, of course. Also would like to know how time (or money) do you think it would take for a viper tech to install the system...
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    Door popper's for 1995 Viper

    Door popper\'s for 1995 Viper I had a Clifford 40 alarm placed at an aftermarket alarm company last year and they were able to use the door popper silonoid on the drivers side, but said the passenger side was either not working or missing. I called the local dealership this year and they are...
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    Need 1995 Front Bumper Cover. Any help?

    I am looking to purchase a 1995 front bumper cover part #4864973. Please let me know if anyone can help me out. Would like good condition, will need to repaint anyway so color is not important. Thanks, John
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    Who sells the best priced supercharger for a Gen I?

    I was considering a supercharger and most of the time I only see responses about GEN II cars and not for GEN I cars ( specifically 1995). Where have some of you found information on "affordable" GEN I superchargers, either via website or calling tuner directly. Looking for help. Thanks, John
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    Where's the cheapest place to buy spark plugs?

    Where\'s the cheapest place to buy spark plugs? I am looking to buy stock champion #412 spark plugs. The Pep boys I called stated that they stopped selling champion plugs. Where is the cheapest place to buy these plugs now? Thanks, John
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    Best Place to get New Pilot Sports for 1995 RT/10

    I am interested in replacing my stock tires with the Michelin Pilot Sports and would like recommendations on where to find the best prices. Thanks, John
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    Service in Chicago area

    I take my car to SVSi in West Chicago for all its work. Ron Sr. will treat you right and has great customer service. Give them a call 1-630-876-1335. John
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    Updated Hennessey 550 Dyno Results.

    I had a post a few months ago that my Venom 550 was only getting 425rwhp at that time. I call Hennessey for answers. He stated that when I put in the BTRviper nitrous system I used colder plugs, and he as well as BTRviper recommend putting the stock Champions back in. John stated the the Gen...