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    Two new TA articles

    Yup, smart thing to do would have been to come out with something that got a ton of attention and built up a frenzy, and then add other "mainstream" models for people who want something akin to the current models. Who knows, maybe there's a plan in place. Come out with the base models, work...
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    Looking for a cosmetically damaged Gen V

    I'll bet we see some that are in the $70k range with minor damage before too long. With the cost of a good paint repair job easily hitting $10k on the striped cars, and the parts/labor costs to repair or replace the CF hood, a relatively minor accident can turn into $30k check pretty quick...
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    Looking for GenIV ACR measurements... Thanks in advance..!!!!

    It's a pain, but you could back it in if the door doesn't clear the wing. On the positive side of that, you'll be able to get out of your garage a lot faster, too.
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    Looking for a cosmetically damaged Gen V

    My guess is he might be looking for a car that had some cosmetic damage done to it, insurance wrote a big check, and the seller wants to sell it for a good price and still come out ahead.
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    Blue is the new black

    That blue actually isn't bad looking. I don't know if I'd go for it (I'm partial to GTS Blue), but it looks nice. Also, from a maintenance perspective, it looks like it'll be almost as easy to take care of as silver. Black would be my choice of colors for a Viper if it weren't so darned hard...
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    Gen V crash at drag strip...

    Crashing one of these cars really ruins your day... Crazy stuff can happen so fast that you don't know what happened until you look at video footage. Several years ago, I was doing a full-throttle run up in third gear, the outside tires went over what felt like a tiny dip in the road right as...
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    Gen V crash at drag strip...

    Hope driver is OK - one good thing about these cars is they're about the safest cars in the world to crash. Hopefully we can hear what happened once the dust and shock settles.
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    how would you build your GEN V viper?

    One thing to keep in mind for the buyers is that the bare cars will hold their value better... When I murdered to death my ACR, I realized that the options get depreciated by about 85% even if the car is perfect and has low mileage. When I do it again, I'm going for performance and no frills -...
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    how would you build your GEN V viper?

    Buyers are especially weird in the SF Bay area - you get those who want a totally stripped down version of the car with all the luxury frills deleted, but all the go-faster options in place, and then you get the ones who think the car is going to be a replacement for their BMW M6 (and those guys...
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    how would you build your GEN V viper?

    To be honest, I'd put out an ad that tells Viper owners that they have the opportunity to custom order a car that suits their particular wants. There are just so many options out there right now, and so many personal preferences, that it seems like the only way to get something that will fly...
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    Chrysler IPO?

    The IPO situation is kind of a political mess from what I understand. Fiat wants to use Chrysler to bolster its operation (things in Europe aren't so good right now), and the Union's healthcare trust isn't happy with what Fiat wants to do and how they're valuing the Chrysler assets. The IPO...
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    2013 SRT Viper by Vivid Racing Previewed Ahead of SEMA

    I wonder what a Gen IV ACR wing would look like on a Gen V... The body dimensions aren't that far apart, and I'd bet the aerodynamics over the car would allow the wing to work really well as long as it remained adjustable and was at the right height.
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    2013 SRT Viper by Vivid Racing Previewed Ahead of SEMA

    I kinda think they should have put all of this stuff on a black car - it just doesn't look good on a white car...
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    New Gen V for $500 over invoice

    Remember when the '09 ACRs were going for $20k below sticker right after the bankruptcy stuff got sorted out. That was kind of a shocker, just a couple of years before, the Gen IV ACRs were going for MSRP+. Too bad I didn't pick up an extra ACR when they were that cheap - I don't think there...
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    Game changers

    I wouldn't believe what the dealers are saying. They may even be getting that information from "reliable" sources. I was in the military engineering world during the Reagan days, and to be honest, we didn't outspend the Soviets. What we did was make up a bunch of BS about the technology that...
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    My vote for the next ACR

    Maybe - but I have several passengers who got permanent scars from the side exhaust on my Gen IV, so maybe it's just the price of admission.
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    My vote for the next ACR

    I'll bet there's a way to do it - the Gen V is about 77" wide, so it wouldn't seem impossible to add 1.5" on each side. Could be a bit tight in spots, but not impossible. If they came out with a GT3-R that's re-badged as an ACR, I'd be all over it. Especially if they left the exhaust outlets...
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    Old Men Seem to Own Vipers, Why???

    Maybe there's a factor involved where the half-life of younger Viper owners is rather short... I was a younger guy when I got my first Viper back in '97, and it scared the crap out of me lots of times - that car had nine lives. Or, maybe the Viper owners who are younger just don't have time to...
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    Old Men Seem to Own Vipers, Why???

    Funny thread. When I was a "kid" I remember all the girls I hung out with would complain that they'd see a nice car drive by and it would be a bummer that some old guy was driving it. Those same girls are now divorced three or four times and angry at the world. Not sure where that just came...
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    New Viper teased?

    "this tease makes me feel blue" blue
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    Viper production slowed by one third due to sluggish sales

    I personally think the concept of Flybrid regenerative energy storage is brilliant - but in a race car and not a street car. At maximum energy storage, the RPMs of those counter-rotating flywheels is insane, and the gyroscopic forces generated by those flywheels during attitude change and...
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    Viper production slowed by one third due to sluggish sales

    What can we say, other than it is what it is. The car is a good car - everyone has their opinions about what they like and don't like, but if you just look at what you get for the money, it's not a bad deal. Does it get my heart racing the way the Gen I or Gen II did? Kind of, but not really...
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    What can SRT engineers do to improve future Gen Vipers?

    1) Direct injected engine with lighter forged and titanium internals and ability to rev to 7000+. 2) Play with the PCM so that we can get rid of the stupid gas guzzler tax. Take that tax off, and the price comes down about $2k right away. It's a horrible thing to say, but implement an 'econo...
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    Please, stop bashing the gen v

    One thing I don't get is how people can say that Vipers always got "bad press" throughout the ages. My recollection was that during the years between 1991 and 1998 Vipers were getting great press. Sure, some of the magazines said some things that were based on "personal opinion" like calling...