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    Heads & Cam

    Greg talked me into a solid roller 242/246 .650" and I absolutely love it!
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    Best clutch for the GTS

    600rwhp NA here...went through a Centerforce in one track day, so now I just run stock and it is holding up much better!
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    Shop needed near Ashville NC

    The Pres is out in Raleigh, and Asheville is kind of by itself when it comes to exotics. Good luck though. Follow Plum's advice and contact 2manytoys.
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    BF Goodrich G Force KDW noise??

    No noise here either, they just "push" bad at the track.
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    Couple pics of the Viper and other toys.

    Hell yea dude. That Lambo looks sweet. Got to have Ashley pose on it for proof though!!:D
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    Short ratio gears with 3:54s? Or 3:33s?

    Yo Bushido! I'm running the 3.55s with my 19s as well and think they are perfect man!
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    Tire Age..I know but watch this

    I like how the DOT manufacture date is a "cryptic code" And 2nd that: Proper Inflation!!
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    N/A Cam setup??

    Too bad there is no proof.
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    N/A Cam setup??

    Good call on the viper car times! I ran a [email protected] with like a 2500 DA, with Greg's Heads and Solid Roller cam.
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    This might be it! South Carolina Members lend a hand?

    I'm in Columbia all the time...but it looks like WILDASP is close as well. Side note...WILDASP: We need to meet up sometime!
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    Removing Black Exhaust Stains on rear bumper?

    Meguiars paint cleaner or a good wax works really good for my dirty ass.:rolaugh:
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    Finished winter refresh toady: painted calipers/added 6-spoke wheels on GTS (PICS)

    Re: Finished winter refresh toady: painted calipers/added 6-spoke wheels on GTS (PICS Nice UPGRADE! I love how the wrinkle grey matches the intake and valve covers.
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    GTS Gas Cap

    Get a coat hanger...make a J hook on one end and PRESTO!! But I used the tool that came with the MGW cap and it really is super easy either way. Before I put the cap on I was a little intimidated after reading posts on here but when it came down to doing took all of 5 minutes to take the...
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    CAAP factory pics from 1996

    Haha..I thought the same thing at first. Mine too looked like crap before they were yanked!
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    The DVD is here!

    Ditto!!:omg: I guess not everyone gets things out as quick as Chuck does!!!
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    You're killing the planet...

    I still think it is funny how they "tax" environmentally bad somehow the green from the money makes things all better:rolaugh:
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    Project: Bullet-proof V-10

    Looking good! Those pistons are now too pretty...hell the whole motor is going to look like a show piece!
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    Do you ever just get tired of your viper ???

    I feel for ya Phil! I spent all this time building it...and can't drive it when I want to and when time opens up I don't feel like it! lol
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    '09: No "Dodge" "Viper" on bumper?

    You should be getting the "Fiat Viper" emblem in the mail soon:rolaugh:
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    Changing cam experience

    Exactly what Bolt said!!! You will love those heads...and with the right cam you can't go wrong!!
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    Official Exhaust Clip Thread!!!

    Here is some idle and WOT. B&B 1-3/4 headers One 3" Dynomax Bullet and One 3" Moroso spiral flow on each side RT X-pipe in back And a little cam...;) 01 Viper GTS Dyno - Car Videos on StreetFire
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    120,000 miles

    Mileage is like's only a number:rolaugh:
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    The right way to tow a viper? Really?

    Haha...I had to have mine towed that way once by a friend. Mine went sideways too bc of the steering lock, but it wasn't as bad as that and I was able to stay right behind and keep anyone else from tailgating a backwards viper:D
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    No one will ever ask you "what are those,speaker grills?" again!

    Wow those are freaking SAWEET!!! And that price is a STEAL!!!