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  1. Vic

    WTB- 3D Viper GTS wall art

    Thanks, Dirk!
  2. Vic

    WTB- 3D Viper GTS wall art

    Thanks, Dean and Dirk!
  3. Vic

    WTB- 3D Viper GTS wall art

    Thanks, Michiel, and Dirk!
  4. Vic

    WTB- 3D Viper GTS wall art

    I think that may be "it"! Can you post a picture of it?
  5. Vic

    WTB- 3D Viper GTS wall art

    Back in the late 90s or very early 2000's, some artist or mfgr had designed a 3D GEN 2, that looked like it was coming half way out of the wall. If anyone has one, or knows of one, I'd like to make an offer. If I can see a picture of it, I can make a firm offer. Thanks!
  6. Vic

    Hellcat versus Viper transmission

    I think that if the Viper doesn't get the option of a dual clutch paddle-shift trans, it will never regain its place of prominence in the world. C'mon, we've been rowing gears for 100 years. Time to catch up.
  7. Vic

    Historical Pics of Gen II GTS

    Nice pics! Like a walk down "memory lane"...
  8. Vic

    Video: More VIPER goodness...

    At 8:29, awkward silence....<crickets> Then the SRT rep begins describing some of the features, sorta reminds me of Sam Rockwell in Iron Man- "These are the Cohibas, baby, the piece de resistance"
  9. Vic

    Hellcat twin turbo Hemi V8 showing up in the Viper soon?

    While I'm popping up my head with my peerless opinions, I'd also like to know why they never changed to a 72 degree block, and got rid of that syncopated UPS truck sound that a 90 degree V10 makes? Is the 90 degree V8 boring machine they make Viper V10s with an immovable, unchangeable object...
  10. Vic

    Hellcat twin turbo Hemi V8 showing up in the Viper soon?

    If they put a V8 in the Viper, they should reduce the price drastically. Because that engine would likely have its development costs spread over several platforms. If they go with a V8, they will save a huge amount of expense for every V8 Viper sold, but they more than likely will try to...
  11. Vic

    RSI Twin Turbo 1250 Gen 5 SRT Viper Heading to Idaho|

    Yeah, huh, limited runs mean more money. People of talent and skill deserve a decent living, too.
  12. Vic

    RSI Twin Turbo 1250 Gen 5 SRT Viper Heading to Idaho|

    Problem or not, that is one sick ass Viper. Price seems a bit steep? Does it cost that much to get that kind of power? It is (bored?) and stroked, rods, pistons, etc. That adds up right there. And then there is the computer stuff, so I guess it all adds up.
  13. Vic

    SRT All-Access in San Diego

    I'm sorry I had to miss the event. I was at my office, and a very important business matter came up. (A good matter) By the time I got off my call, it was after sunset. I would have just caught the last 20 miunutes... If anybody in Orange County wants to sit in one, I think Huntington Beach...
  14. Vic

    VIPER GTS donuts

    Ah, a thing of beauty! I didn't say it was smart, just beautiful....
  15. Vic

    Gen V ACR Needed For Ring Time

    You're supposed to be enamored of special hues of blue.. CF tub, CC rotors and CF buckets, DCT...That's just crazy talk!
  16. Vic

    Let's be real, what would it take? Only short answers please

    I like the Gen 5 a lot, I'd love to have one! But I already have a Gen 2 in my garage, and it's the most fun car experience I've ever had! (I've never kept any car this long in my life!) So for me, the issue is something akin to a marriage- Sure, I like the newer models, can't deny that...But...
  17. Vic

    The very best Viper ever built !!

    Look at Car and Driver's recent "Best Drivers' Car" issue. They scored the Viper low for some build quality issues on their particular car, and other perceived issues. (Like it irritates their puz zy or something, idk) But at the end of the article they have a laptime records chart- Vipers...
  18. Vic

    Saying bye and giving an apology

    No matter which model they give you for a loaner, it always feels like you're driving a DODGE REGRET? :rolleyes: They haven't named any car a "REGRET" yet. Marketing boys, that's a freebie for ya!
  19. Vic

    Gen V Hits & Kills Man & Dog (Old Bethpage, NY)

    Leave a dying man at the side of the road, what a low life scum bag. Just look at the moronic expression in his mug shot. Looks like his IQ matches his shoe size.
  20. Vic

    2.8 0-60 MPH ET...Stock Gen V

    Is it the same stupid method I heard they put on the SRT Challenger? (Rear wheel based) If so, that's really disappointing.
  21. Vic

    My Gen V at Thunderhill Raceway

    You got some balls, taking that beautiful machine to the track. At least you're not like the wine+cheese types, who keep their Ferrari in the garage behind velvet ropes.
  22. Vic

    SRT Viper on Top Gear USA tonight

    It's amusing, at how we get butt hurt so easily about our favorite car! My impression from this show, is firstly that the Viper is the best looking car of the three. The Lamborghini looks awkwardly angular and devoid of inspiration, and the 12C is too understated and tame looking. In contrast...
  23. Vic

    Top Gear (UK) is testing the new Viper

    Glad you enjoyed it! Did you like how that imaginary "single bolt" was lauded for it's sheer brillance? I noticed that on TG, where if there is anything British about a product, they are sure to herald it's presence with lavish praise! And why not? Toot your horn, if you got one, I always say...
  24. Vic

    Top Gear (UK) is testing the new Viper

    Top Gear just "has" to look down on America, especially American cars. In the past, we have unfortunately been an easy target for thier criticism. Regardless of how good the new Viper is, they will still posture in their iconoclast, British superiority, and find fault with the Gen5. Anyone can...