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  1. Kevin M Melisz

    ARH, Belanger, Emissions in GA

    I have a full Belanger system with a single cat, utilizing the stock O2 sensors on my Gen IV and I have no issues in New York. I got to believe that it would pass GA. That said, you can always give them a call at Belanger they are glad to help and provide support.
  2. Kevin M Melisz

    Quietest 3" exhaust?

    MoparMap, have you spoken yo Lou Belanger directly? He is surprisingly easy to get ahold of and loves talking exhaust for Vipers. I would recommend giving him a call and getting his advice. Kevin
  3. Kevin M Melisz

    Belanger vs corsa

    I went with full Belanger on my SRT-10. I know different generation but fit and instructions were very good. Also Lou himself will take a call if you have questions, whi lch is very helpful. Kevin
  4. Kevin M Melisz

    Full fluid flush and change - list of what I need? (2008 SRT-10 Coupe)

    Bradg33 Last year I did the fluids in my 2008. Here is my list. 11 qt of 0W-40 mobil Dodge 05038041AA Filter Lucas Synthetic 75W-90 1.5 Qt 4oz Ford friction modifier ATF +4 automatic transmission fluid 3.5 quarts I didn't do brake fluid. Kevin
  5. Kevin M Melisz

    2008 SRT 10 Differential clutches defective

    I will second, exactly what John said. I wanted the 3.55 gears and I worked with Jerry, he is Super nice and knowledgeable. I pulled my own rear-end (wasn't that bad of a project) and shipped it to California. I just did this in the spring, so if you have any questions feel free to contact me...
  6. Kevin M Melisz

    Exhaust on a 2003 SRT10

    I have a gen 4 and went through this process of deciding what exhaust to get last year. I searched the internet and you tube videos to help me decide. I end up with a full Belanger system, header all the way back and couldn't be happy. If you want to discuss further, don't be afraid to call or...
  7. Kevin M Melisz

    Aftermarket exhaust question

    I went with the 2.5" not 3", after speaking with Lou Belanger, 2.5" actually gives you better performance and a better sound. Yes 3" is louder but at cruising speeds it will be a loud drone and can be obnoxious. With the 2.5" it gives a louder sounds especially at higher RPMS but at cruising...
  8. Kevin M Melisz

    Gen 4 New York State Inspection - Incomplete Readiness Tests

    All, I just wanted to send the update/conclusion. My battery was 6-7 years old and I ended up replacing it just to make sure this wasn't causing the issue. After that I tried all the steps/procedures posted on line to get the O2 and Cat test completed. I had a scanner and would check each time...
  9. Kevin M Melisz

    Aftermarket exhaust question

    John D, I did a full Belanger system on my 08 in the fall. Everything else on my car is stock, and I kept the stock tune. I have 1000 miles on it since the installation and don't have a CEL. If you have any other questions about the installation, feel free to reach out to me directly...
  10. Kevin M Melisz

    In your opinion, which is a better deal...

    Anthony, Last year I purchased a 2008 and I believe the Gen4 offers a lot more car than the Gen3 for a little more money. Like everyone else has stated it really depends on what you are looking for and the quality of the car not mileage. If you want to have a discussion about my similar...
  11. Kevin M Melisz

    Gen 4 New York State Inspection - Incomplete Readiness Tests

    BYAIC, My battery is about 6 years old but sits on a tender during winter months and has never seemed weak or problems starting the car cold. I guess I could take it to a Autozone to have them run a check on the battery to make sure. redtanrt10, I appreciate the advice I will try to the...
  12. Kevin M Melisz

    Gen 4 New York State Inspection - Incomplete Readiness Tests

    Looking for any help or advice from the community. I have a recently installed a complete (Full) Belanger exhaust on my 2008. After installation I have driven the car about 300 miles with no CEL. I went to take my car for its annual NYS inspection and failed for 2 incomplete readiness tests on...
  13. Kevin M Melisz

    Fluids and How many Quarts?

    Ironically, I am in the middle of flushing my clutch fluid in my 2008. The car has only 12k on it and I didn't have any issue prior to flushing, just saw it was black and did it just for maintenance reasons. I was able to easily remove and refill the system by gravity bleeding. Everything seemed...
  14. Kevin M Melisz

    Gen 4 Rear Differential Removal

    I am looking for some advice removing my rear differential on 2008 Vert. I am planning on sending to Unitrax to have 3.55 gears installed. I have read all old posts and seen some conflicting answers. Currently the car is in the air, drive shaft removed, 4 main support bolts loose and half...
  15. Kevin M Melisz

    2008 question around performance mods

    Hi drasch21, I recently put on a full Belanger exhaust on my stock 08 with stock controller. I have about 500 miles on the car without throwing any CEL/MIL. I would be happy to discuss the project.
  16. Kevin M Melisz

    New Old Stock Tires. Safe?

    Storage of the tires is an important factor. If storied inside, not in direct sunlight and without large temperature swings, the tires will age much better.