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    Need advice on '02 GTS for sale

    Gents, First off, thank you! Your insight, feedback, and advice have really helped me come closer to a decision. To answer some of the questions above... As far as seeing something to be worried about...I have no idea, that's why I'm asking this forum. I have not had a chance to see or...
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    Need advice on '02 GTS for sale

    Hi guys, I'm interested in buying this Dodge Viper up in Illinois, here is the link... I am planning to check it out in person soon but so far the carfax and discussion with the salesman have been quite positive. I'm worried I'm...
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    01/02 GTS or ACR

    Hello all, I am in the market for a Gen 2 viper and decided on the 01/02 year because of the ABS addition. I have been shopping for an ACR but after doing some research I’m finding them to be the same as a GTS but with a higher price tag. Just to note: when I plan on getting my viper, if it’s...