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    New MGW Shifter

    that is slick!
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    Battery...How Long Did It Last?

    I did not put mine on a tender and after about 5 years it was time for another one.
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    Value of a used Gen3 Belanger Kit?

    i bought mine used for $1500 a couple of years ago.
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    RIP Carroll Shelby

    RIP Carroll Shelby
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    Paxton Viper, when doing a pull it's not smooth but has slight hesitation...

    Although this would probably not fix the issue, if you have stock platinum plugs on a paxton car, I would highly recommend switching them out to copper as you will want colder plugs on a boosted application.
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    Pics of AbsolutHank's SRT Coupe...

    that is a killer coupe and I agree. Awesome stance.
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    Finally got some pictures of my new Viper...

    Love the H Spokes! Great pick up, congrats.
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    How many Viper's do you own?

    barely one.
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    2013 Viper Poll

    Probably the most well balanced Viper to date.
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    New Viper is huge letdown

    I was in the not like camp till this morning. I have to say the overall package is great! The new Viper wears its nameplate well.
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    Welcome the 2013 SRT Viper GTS

    I wasn't expecting much but SRT definitely delivered. Now to fantasize about a new Viper in the stable..
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    Welcome the 2013 SRT Viper GTS

    I wasn't expecting much but SRT definitely delivered. Now to fantasize about a new Viper in the stable..
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    Only 640 hp? WTF

    don't dwell on the hp, the overall vehicle is very sexy and wears the Viper name well!
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    Autoblog Gen V Rendering!

    wow. Now that looks promising! I hope it looks like that.
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    643whp/606wtq: Greg Good Heads/Cam with A&C Tune

    congratulations. nice build and awesome job documenting.
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    4 teasers later...

    The interior shots definitely look like a car with a six figure price tag, some good stuff there. However the last shot of the hood didn't do anything for me. It reminds me of a late nineties transam.
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    Out of the garage and ready for the track

    the 5 spokes blacked out look great!
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    2013 Gen V picture on Leftlanenews

    too much European super car influence there. do not like.
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    Scariest exprience in a car ever!!!

    Lol. I remember that experience vividly.
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    Might be leaving the Gen3 family...ordered 13' gt500

    I have been contemplating the same thing. I used to have an 03 cobra before my Viper and overall that is my all time favorite car. Make sure to send us some pics and enjoy her safe.
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    Fulfilled a 17+ year old dream today

    Great looking car. Enjoy!
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    I bought my new viper today. What an awesome day.

    Congrats and enjoy your car and your wife.
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    Oh no, my GTS is ugly!

    people can be stupid. A while back I was driving into a parking lot as someone else was exiting. He rolled down his windows and yelled out: "Nice Ferrari" pretty in a sarcastic tone. I was going to respond back but thought to myself...this coming from a guy in a 20 year old toyota....
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    Rear end skips

    cold weather and factory run flats will probably slide or skip taking sharp turns.

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