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    Custom ACR style stripe added (photos!)

    Looks really good! An accent stripe ~ twice the width next to it would look even better IMO. Wow, nice. I wish you could get that locally.
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    'Trust's Remote Mount TT Viper

    More than likely true, but on the street it sees full boost/spool at 3,500, I feel it's more of a loading issue. It's moving a column of air in the hotside, whether that column of air occupies a 6" pipe or a 120" pipe. 6060 will definitely be needed soon!
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    'Trust's Remote Mount TT Viper

    Thanks. It has -an lines that go to the turbos and it is pumped back by the scavenge pump, no dry sump.
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    'Trust's Remote Mount TT Viper

    All the piping either runs down the tunnel or the side sills, nothing hangs lower than the bell housing on the trans. The cold side piping by the IC is the same coupling on the ART Car and Hennessy kits. The car will more than likely get a larger front mount over the winter some adjustments to...
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    'Trust's Remote Mount TT Viper

    Haha, I'm a mod over there and LS cars were my first "performance cars", old habit. :D
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    2011 911 TT vs. 1997 Viper GTS

    I'm surprised, but good run. I have a friend with a 98 GTS that ran another buddy with a 2003 911 TT X50 car, both can drive well, Viper had about 2 cars on him until 120 and by 130/140 the Porsche was a head by a fender before the GTS shut it down. I'd venture to say that you are a really good...
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    SCT Question.

    I guess coming from the GM world of a powerful factory PCM with the ability to create custom OS' etc., it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that the PCM is behind. I can understand it on the Gen I and II's, the 92-97 GM PCM's were similar, but the Gen III and IV Viper PCM's have to have the...
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    SCT Question.

    I would imagine Jrod plans for over 1k to the tires, so he can keep up locally. I've got my old VEC Jared if you want, but you know Bryan hates it.
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    Gen II Main Bearing Caps....

    Are you still on the stock caps with the numbers in your sig? Had a chance to look at them since (dropping pan or something), any sign of walk/stress? I'm curious how strong the factory main caps are, they are braced well enough, and the motors don't turn a ton of RPM so ridiculous piston...
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    360 forged concave for gen 2 done...

    Awesome. I've been on the fence about some ADV.1 concaves for my car, I just don't want 18's in the concave, but I need 18's for the drag radial options. Oh the hard decisions we have to make.
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    New Viper Mod

    Interesting concept. A lot of times when the back two cylinders lean out it's because they are usually the last to get coolant and fresh air = hot, which makes them prone to detonate. I'd be curious to see how that works. On another note, his TB setup is crazy, and that wing is absolutely...
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    Mixed feelings about my new wheels

    I've always believed that the SSR spokes are too thin for Vipers, or most cars for that matter. However, the wheels being black helps. It looks fine to me.
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    Gen II re-sale seems the same if not more than Gen III

    Let's not forget that we are slowly pulling away from a recession. The issues in Egypt caused a very minor setback, but 09-10 were bad years for value of anything, unless you're trading short. Interesting point about the stop of production v. value, it's the oldest model in the book, supply...
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    18"s of snow fall in Chicago

    Yep, we got that storm Monday night - yesterday, 13" here and some stupid high snow drifts.
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    Ridelow RT/10

    The first picture of it you posted, minus the wheels, looks pretty sick. The rest, eh. The concept looks awesome, but both their roof lines would not work for anybody outside of Frodo.
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    Solid bidding so far on my GTS

    Nice car! Had I known I'd end up building a motor I would have bought an 01 car, that's the perfect candidate, LOVE the interior. Only thing I can think of is because it's had 5 owners, 1 every 2 years is probably outside of the norm.
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    1998 Dodge Viper GTS Salvage Title $13.5k

    Not a bad deal at all, considering the trans, motor, diff and interior would pull that pretty easily. A concern for someone looking to repair however, the passenger rear wheel look like it took a good hit and it's in the wrong position (pushed forward toward the front of the car). Maybe a...
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    Overheating issue

    I'm not sure if I ever told you this, but it won't blow hot unless you have it set to the windsheild defogger. Freaked me out when I first got mine too.
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    Need to sell my GTS fast: $25,995

    I was looking forward to see it around here, but the way you handled refunding my buddies deposit was pretty honorable so I'm happy for ya!
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    Post your single most favorite GTS or RT10 pic

    This is probably my favorite shot of my car, not sure, but I think the setup shot looks great:
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    Finally Got One!!!!

    B/W FTW!! I love mine:
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    75k 2000 viper gts

    The decreasing value of these cars is just more incentive for me to keep it longer. I didn't buy it to make money, the car, the wheels, the turbos etc. are all money well spent IMO. I couldn't care less if it was worth $20k. I love the thing.
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    If you've done HID Fog lights, your help is needed

    HID's are known to warp plastic lenses, they rarely turn them brown. I have 8000k HID's in my fogs and lows with no issues for the past year. HID's definitely run hotter than standard gas filled or halogen bulbs. The color comes from a higher temp.
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    Gen II compared to Gen III/IV steering wheel spline.

    Any luck with this? Thanks!
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    2001 GTS No Start

    Is the car completely dead when you try to turn it, or does it try to start? If it's the former, you have a blown fuse or a short somewhere (more than likely). If it's the latter, it could be a few things, no spark, no fuel, no timing, no compression etc. We need more data.