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  1. Frank Parise

    Drilled brake rotors 97 GTS

    Slotted are good, drilled are not good. We used to call them "holy" rotors. The holes fill up with caked brake dust and are a mess to clean with an air hose and, yes, they are notorious for cracking around the hole edges.
  2. Frank Parise

    Wheel Alignment Pricing

    You are fortunate to live close to Woodhouse Dodge. If you think it is poor value, I suggest you make plans to stay the entire day and watch how it is done by the Viper Tech. You will learn the complexity and see how it is done right. All Dodge dealers are not the same.
  3. Frank Parise

    Production numbers of a silver 99 GTS with connolley leather

    Connolly leather is the same as Cognac; cognac is the color.
  4. Frank Parise

    Lightweight flywheel and new clutch

    Used a Tilton triple disc racing clutch with lightweight flywheel in a couple different road racing Vipers. Would not recommend for street application because you will burn up the clutch with normal street driving/clutch slipping. Revs much quicker/ takes some getting used to.
  5. Frank Parise

    Converting to Smooth Tubes Contact: Jon Brobst
  6. Frank Parise

    $45,000 Offer on 1993 Viper Do I wait for him so he can buy it?

    I do not believe there is a legally binding contract, certainly not one that you should rely upon. Move on and sell to a real buyer.
  7. Frank Parise

    K&N Filter Cleaning Frequency?

    I'm not aware of anyone in the Viper Racing League ever using something other than K&N. As I recall, all GEN 2 ACR Vipers came from the factory with K&N.
  8. Frank Parise

    K&N Filter Cleaning Frequency?

    I've always used them on my Vipers without any issues whatsoever. I inspect them on every oil change, and use judgment as to whether a cleaning and re-oiling is necessary.
  9. Frank Parise

    Ground height - Lowered?

    Jack up your car, put it on jack stands, pull off the wheels, post a photo of your springs/shocks on both front and rear. Easy diagnosis.
  10. Frank Parise

    GTS vs ACR

    Since you live in Kuwait, I'd focus on an RT/10. The ACR was produced for easy conversion into an SCCA Class T1 road racer. None of the changes in the ACR vs. the GTS made it more conducive for street use. Hell, I figure you would get your head chopped off in Kuwait for street racing :)
  11. Frank Parise

    old age problems

    Yes, it is common. Take it to your Viper Tech and save yourself some brain damage.
  12. Frank Parise

    First Time Gen II GTS Buyer - Need Advice

    JUST MY OPINION: You should spend more time doing your search. There are plenty of GEN2 GTSs for sale in the 40's-50's. You don't need to deal with a car having internal engine mods as it increases the risk of engine failure. Also diminishes sales value of car.
  13. Frank Parise

    Where is cars for sale?

    No more classifieds on this site. Cars for sale are in individual threads.
  14. Frank Parise

    New Viper owner in Dallas Texas!

    Certified Viper Technicians are generally recognized as safe and effective :)
  15. Frank Parise

    CLassified section?

    The Classifieds are no longer operational. You have to go to the threads for the generation you are looking for and search for individual posts made by sellers. Not convenient, but that's how it works.
  16. Frank Parise

    Wheel and Tire size options

    Hello Deep, Yes it is. I believe you can actually safely put a 305 on the front 1999 OEM 18" wheel but I chose to go with the 295 which is still a nice upgrade from the 275. Jon B. can steer you right.
  17. Frank Parise

    Belanger Exhaust

    With all due respect, headers are for increasing performance, not improving sound. Belanger made the biggest performance gains and were used extensively on the race cars in the Viper Days race series. We saw upwards of 40+ HP gain at the rear wheels. That's phenomenal. A cat-back exhaust...
  18. Frank Parise

    question of viper value 1996

    Correction: $115K which included a 12% buyer premium.
  19. Frank Parise

    question of viper value 1996 On a positive note, this 02 Final edition ACR sold yesterday for $110K.
  20. Frank Parise

    Looking for a Steel Gen 1 Center cap Give Jon Brobst a call; he can help you.
  21. Frank Parise

    2002 RT/10 Door Gap

    Definitely not normal.
  22. Frank Parise

    Opinion on this 02 FE

    Agreed. The engine bay condition is totally inconsistent with rest of car.
  23. Frank Parise

    Show your coolest license plates!

    No tricks here.
  24. Frank Parise

    Opinions, Looking at 94 RT10

    I've been around for a long time and have no knowledge of GEN 1 cars having overheating problems. Not on the street nor on the track. In the early days of Viper Days, nearly all of the cars were GEN 1 and performed remarkably well in both cold and hot weather climates. BTW, I think you would...