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  1. rch105

    Viper Parts Rack - My impression

    Far too many times we don't always recognize positive experiences when dealing with companies. Last week I decided to pull the trigger and put new tires on my Copperhead. Initially, I checked my local tire suppliers but no one had, or could get, the tires I wanted (Continental Extreme Contact...
  2. rch105

    Home lift suggestions

    I'm considering buying a 4 post lift for my home garage. Suggestions please on what makes and models you have at your home. I'll be using it for light work, such as exhaust, engine oil change, other fluid changes. TIA
  3. rch105

    Branded Title and Titleing issues

    Initially, March 15th, I contacted Dodge Customer Care. Spoke to the rep (Darryl) and he said he was unable to help me as I was not their listed owner. Said he would send me an email link to show I bought the car (Bill of Sale). I never received it. I did go to a local dealer but because...
  4. rch105

    Branded Title and Titleing issues

    Bought my Copperhead out of NC with a FL title. Title has been branded as a Mfgr. Buy Back. Reason presently unknown. Car was originally sold from a FL dealer, then went to NJ at Mfgr. auction to KT. From KT back to FL again. Private individual sold to a small car lot dealer and I bought it...

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