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  1. Bill W

    Purge Harness Needed But Mopar Mixed up the Number

    Dean, yes I was thinking the same thing. I'll call today and talk to them about it.
  2. Bill W

    Purge Harness Needed But Mopar Mixed up the Number

    I took the car to the dealer and am reporting what they told me. I know they said they have to remove the front end to fix it. I have the purge valve but can't get the hose. The part number should be 4763767AD but I can't find it.
  3. Bill W

    Purge Harness Needed But Mopar Mixed up the Number

    Engine light comes on and code reader shows small emissions leak. I take it to the dealer and they run a smoke test. Test shows the purge valve and hose need to be replaced. I got the purge valve via Rock Auto. The part number for the hose is 4763804AD. Found one on eBay and they sent the wrong...
  4. Bill W

    *** Lockout

    I'll be spending a lot more time on this forum now that I too have been abandoned.
  5. Bill W

    How could a clean Gen3 viper sell for $38K?

    There were only 12,000 miles on the car at the time.
  6. Bill W

    How could a clean Gen3 viper sell for $38K?

    I had the same slow response when I first bought my '02 Viper. Like GTS Dean said, new plugs and wires are a must. Made a world of difference on my Viper. High flow cats and a K&N air filter are another consideration.
  7. Bill W

    WTB: Pedal adjustment kno b

    Jake, you are good with JonB. He will take care of you.
  8. Bill W

    Need advice on '02 GTS for sale

    When I bought my 2002 RT/10 with 11,000 miles four years ago, a deeply knowledgeable man on Vipers told me to expect to pay another five to ten thousand on maintenance issues described above by TEALLIFE. Because I had to have most of the mechanical work done by someone else. He was right...
  9. Bill W

    So long folks

    I'd be interested to hear more about the trade-in. What did you get and how much did they allow for your Viper? Also the mileage on your Viper when you traded it.
  10. Bill W


    Try Parts Rack or Viper Parts USA. Lots of others as well.
  11. Bill W

    Oil Spotting on Valve Cover

    After a short drive I have oil spotting on top of the valve cover under the MAP sensor. It's been a year now and it never gets worse than the photo shows. I've tightened the valve covers. I can't see oil leaking any other place under the hood. Any ideas where this is coming from?
  12. Bill W

    2001 Viper RT/10 Driver Side Auto Door Lock

    Mine did at about that same mileage.
  13. Bill W

    Removing headlight reflectors

    Check this out:
  14. Bill W

    Tire for Gen 2

    This is what I have. Great tires. Found these on Tire Rack. Check with JonB as well. Rear: 335/30ZR18 102Y...
  15. Bill W

    Mechanic needed in NC - Greensboro area?

    Bonafide viper techs are rare. If you can't find anyone, take your Viper to a reputable Dodge dealer. I do, and they stand behind their work. Most Viper repairs are uncomplicated.
  16. Bill W

    To sell or not too sell ?

    If you decide to sell, check Bring a Trailer.
  17. Bill W

    What is the average cost to replace a window regulator on a 1996 GTS?

    Try this outfit. I have not used them but it might be worth contacting them.
  18. Bill W

    First time Viper owner, 94 RT/10

    It's more about torque than horsepower when speaking of initial takeoff. I punched the accelorator the other day and my '02 RT/10 got a little fishy when I hit second gear at full throttle. I have two-year-old Toyo R888R tires and they are very sticky. BTW, ten-year-old tires should be dumped...
  19. Bill W

    First time Viper owner, 94 RT/10

    If you gotta have a Gen l get a Gen l. If you’re not sure get a Gen ll.
  20. Bill W

    Low Coolant In Overflow??

    "Pop off the front bumper"? Add distilled water? Wouldn't it be easier to replace a leaking fill hose? And you might want to fill the overflow with a proper mix of distilled water and coolant, or coolant in itself if you're using the premixed type.
  21. Bill W

    Low Coolant In Overflow??

    Do what Steve-Indy said. If you have a inspeciton mirror you can pull the grommet on the wheel well and see exactly how much fluid you have as well as the MIN and MAX levels...
  22. Bill W

    First Time Gen II GTS Buyer - Need Advice

    To each his own, but I would have concerns about the mods and would not purchase the car. This is especially true with any engine work. But others may feel differently.
  23. Bill W

    The Viper Search

    Statewide search is common for Vipers. I got lucky and found mine on eBay. Car was only 100 miles away and was exactly what i was looking for: Gen ll in my price range and the right color and low miles (11,000)

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