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    AR Auto Service Tech Session on Understeer

    For those in the Portland, Ore., Vancouver, Wash. area, FYI: AR Auto Service Tech Session: "The Battle of Understeer or Understeer is When the Front of the Car Hits the Wall" Time Friday, December 3 · 6:00pm - 7:00pm...
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    I know this has been probably covered extensively but I have not been on the board as frequently as I would like. I received the Summer 2010 VCA Notes today and saw that forum member Warfang passed away earlier this year. My deepest albeit belated condolences to his family. /Rich
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    Fascinating Article on Viper Brakes, Suspension etc.

    2009 Dodge Viper SRT-10: Suspension Walkaround Enjoy.
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    Portland Intl Viper Rides SATURDAY 2/20

    This was a great event on a beautiful day (I was wearing a t-shirt in Oregon in February). It was good seeing Jon and Doris and am glad ot hear they were brainwashing a whole new generation of Viper owners to get them lined up for the all-new, 2032 Vipers. Kudos also to Friends of Portland...
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    Salvage Gen IV - deal or ripoff?

    Costas -- Congrats on your purchase. I can only speak to the condition of the car when I had it. The car had catalytic converters (the car has the full Belanger header, exhaust and hi-flow cat system). The ECU is a stock controller that received the factory-required reflash to address...
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    2012 Viper

    Thanks for posting! /Rich
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    09 GTS Blue ACR

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    Salvage Gen IV - deal or ripoff?

    Hey guys . . . I received an e-mail from a member here pointing me to the e-bay link a few weeks ago and I just noticed this thread. There is a high likelihood that this is in fact my former car (the "3s" on the side, the harnesses and interior are identical to the ones I placed on my car). I...
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    Oregon adopting CARB standards...

    Thanks Ken. /Rich
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    Motor Trends "Laguna Lap" story

    Thanks for posting this. Did this article appear in the print version of MT? /Rich
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    Who is buying a 2010?

    I may be in the market for a 2010. /Rich
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    2010 ACR convertible

    I would be very interested. In our region (Pacific NW), I am only aware of one club (BMW CCA) that has a uniform ban on convertibles. Most other clubs in our region (Cascade, Team Continental, BMW ACA, OR PCA etc.) allow convertibles at DE and HPDE events as long as the car has legitimate...
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    Oregon adopting CARB standards...

    Thanks for the alert Martin; nothing about Gov. Kulongowski signing this in the mainstream media (Oregonian, etc.) but that isn't too surprising. If you get any more alerts through the SEMA network please keep us posted. /Rich
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    2010 Viper Details - LIVE from Laguna Seca!

    Thanks for posting Chris and kudos to the entire SRT team. /Rich
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    Its Here Finally 09 Ssg/acr

    Congrats! She's a beauty! /Rich
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    Highly Recommend Steve Katz (aka ACR Steve) for Track Insurance . . .

    I used Steve Katz (aka ACR Steve) for track insurance for my 2008 Viper this past season. The events were all non-racing, non-timed HPDE or driving school programs. Steve is (obviously) a Viper owner, board member and racer (he has raced extensivle over the years including his new ACR and...
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    Wanted: SRT Tonneau and Floor Mats

    I have a boot cover/tonneau from a 2008 Viper that I used perhaps a total of 5 times; they failed to include one with my car when it was delivered to the dealer and it literally took them several months to get it to me after initial delivery. I have no idea on pricing but I saw from a...
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    Tire Dressing . .

    Thanks for the comments so far. For you folks who like the Adams VRT, is there a good online source that you ca recommend for ordering? /Rich
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    Tire Dressing . .

    I am one of those lost souls who actually likes to use tire dressing/shine on my Viper's tires. I was using a product by Meguiar's called Endurance which was a long lasting tire gel. It looks like Meguiar's has discontinued this peoduct unfortunately. Can anyone recommend a high quality tire...
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    Track Tires and Wheels

    I would love your impressions of the performance and durability of the carbon fiber rims. I know there have been some comcerms in the past about cracking seen in CF rims used in track applications. Also, if anyone is interested in the Kumho Ecsta XS in the OEM 345/30/19 and 275/35/18 sizes...
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    Track Tires and Wheels

    They will fit with a $75 e-brake relocation kit which you can get from Parts Rack. Just a question: How many track days totalhave you done? If you've done four so far, you might want to think about sticking with a street tire for now as opposed to going the R-compound route. R-compounds...
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    Help Translating Alignment/Cross Balance Specs . . .

    FYI, my car has the stock, non-ACR, non-adjustable suspension so the ride height should be stock.
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    Help Translating Alignment/Cross Balance Specs . . .

    They asked for my weight with safety gear on (helmet etc) so I think they factored that in when doing calculations. I think that's the 235# number in the upper left hand corner. /Rich
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    Help Translating Alignment/Cross Balance Specs . . .

    Can anyone help me translate the following alignment and cross balance specs for a 2008 (non-ACR) Viper? Thanks. For example, what does "wedge" mean? I take it that since the shop found the rear camber, caster, toe to be near ideal for a mild street/track alignment, the remaining...
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    lap with Steve

    Nicely done; thanks for posting. /Rich